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Injury Analysis

What to expect from Kyle Schwarber

The Cubs are rolling the dice in bringing their 23-year-old slugger onto their first World Series roster since 1945

Matt Carpenter might still be hurt

After an injury late in the first half, Matt Carpenter hasn’t looked the same.

Rich Hill loses his chance for perfection

First-year manager Dave Roberts was faced with an unenviable choice as Rich Hill vied for a perfect game. Did he make the right call?

What can the Mets expect from Matt Harvey when he returns?

Matt Harvey will undergo TOS surgery, but what can the Mets expect from him in 2017 and beyond?

Should the Mets have shut Matt Harvey down last September?

Matt Harvey hasn't been the same since he pushed past the 180 innings mark last season. Should the Mets have listened to Scott Boras and shut the Dark Knight down?

Thoracic outlet syndrome and pitcher effectiveness

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a rare but serious injury that a few major league pitchers have suffered in recent years. How has this injury impacted the effectiveness of pitchers, both before diagnosis and after surgery?

Replacing Adam Wainwright

While it is unlikely that the Cardinals will find a pitcher who can single-handedly make up for the loss of Adam Wainwright, the team might have enough upside and depth in their rotation to succeed without him.

Motus Sleeve debuts at fall instructional league

Partnership with nine teams allows Motus Global to test sleeve and study in-game mechanics

Jedd Gyorko's sophomore slump

Gyorko fell victim to the cliched sophomore slump, which is to say that he didn't do well in his second year.

Glen Perkins and his barking elbow

Glen Perkins has been shut down for the rest of the season due to a forearm strain and nerve irritation. We discuss what structures played a role in his injury and how it affected his pitching.

Exploring the Concussion Hangover Effect

Players exhibit significantly decreased walk rates in their first game back from the concussion list. Is this hangover effect due to changes in swing rates following time off the field, or is it something else?

Melky Cabrera's avulsion fracture

We look at the simple, yet complex, anatomy behind Melky Cabrera's injury.

The impact of concussions on the season

Despite being considered one of the safer team sports, baseball is no stranger to concussions and strides have been made to curtail the incidence and severity of the injury.

Detailing Ryan Braun's hand injury

Milwaukee slugger Ryan Braun has been battling a nerve injury in his hand, sapping him of much of his prodigious power this season. In this article, we will detail the anatomy involved and their effects on his swing.

CarGo, Garrett Richards & patellofemoral injury

We discuss some of the biomechanical and anatomical factors behind patellofemoral injury as well as long term effects on performance.

Core muscle injury and its effect on the Tigers

For both Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera, the 2014 season has been somewhat subpar. Could their performance be explained by their core muscle injuries?

How serious is Michael Wacha's scapular injury?

What does Michael Wacha's pitching future hold with his injury to the scapula bone in his shoulder?

How will Cody Ross perform after the DL

Cody Ross has hit the DL once again. What can the Diamondbacks expect when he returns from injury? Are there any indicators from past injury stints to suggest how well Ross might perform?

Brady Aiken's UCL: A question of stability

Brady Aiken's failure to sign with the Houston Astros apparently hinged upon the revelation that the ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow is smaller than average. What are the anatomical and biomechanical ramifications of this finding?

Josh Beckett's hip impingement injury

Due to the large amount of axial and torsional force put upon the hip joint in the act of pitching, the femoroacetabular (hip) impingement injury sustained by Josh Beckett is not an uncommon one.

Dexter Fowler and intercostal muscle strains

A core muscle group fundamental to the mechanics of numerous baseball activities as well as breathing, intercostal muscle strains can be devastating to a player's performance.

Evan Gattis and rhomboid muscle injury

A scapular muscle group less frequently encountered or injured in baseball, the rhomboid muscles are nonetheless an integral part of the anatomy of the overhead athlete.

The effects of plantar fasciitis on Jedd Gyorko

One of the most common foot and ankle injuries seen in athletes, plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury that has wreaked havoc on San Diego Padres infielder Jedd Gyorko.

Yordano Ventura's (Pitcher's) Elbow

While a less ominous diagnosis than what was originally hypothesized, Yordano Ventura's valgus extension overload (VEO) is nonetheless an injury to be taken seriously. We review VEO, commonly known as 'Pitcher's Elbow'.

Prince Fielder's pain the neck

Prince Fielder's season has been cut short due to a disc herniation in his neck, prompting surgery. Here, we discuss what the injury entails.


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