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The Cardinals, as always, continue to put out a competitive squad

After adding a great first baseman to an existing squad with promise, they look to compete in a tough NL Central.

Sabermetrics news: The Rays extend Brandon Lowe

The Rays extend Brandon Lowe; Mike Trout’s quest to be the GOAT; Darvish as a bounce-back candidate

The Pirates are falling behind in the NL Central

The team that did the least in the NL Central is still only a stone’s throw-away from being competitive. Unfortunately, they are hamstrung by ownership.

Sabermetrics news: Ichiro returns to Japan to kick off the season

Mike Trout’s lost value; more Trout fun facts; the Red Sox stayed together

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Some of MLB’s new rules might be largely ineffective, and that’s okay

The biggest takeaway from the announcement of new rules might simply be that there’s an open dialogue.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Cubs are fine... or they’re in trouble

The Cubs are a deeply talented team, but in a tight division, it won’t take much for things to unravel.

Mike Trout signs the largest contract in baseball history

The best player ever gets the biggest contract ever.

Sabermetrics news: Most minor leaguers make less than minimum wage

Aroldis Chapman’s slider; the next CBA will grapple with service time; minor league salaries

Joey Votto’s decline might have already begun

He is aging, no doubt, but he may yet age gracefully.

The reigning pennant winner Brewers still look impressive

The rotation looks meh, the rest looks imposing.

Marty’s musings: MiLB pay and real-live action

Adalberto Mondesi’s adjustments toward stardom

He had an excellent 2018, but has a lot of room to grow. That growth may have showed itself in Arizona.

The effect of the three-batter minimum is being underrated

The league will survive the change, of course, but you can’t deny the large effect it will have.

Danny Duffy’s make or break 2019

The Royals’ often injured "ace" is, well, recovering from injury... again. Can the Royals count on him to front the starting rotation after a disappointing 2018?

Will the power come for Yandy Díaz?

Díaz absolutely smokes the ball, but he only has one big league homer.

Sabermetrics news: Can Bryce Harper repeat his 2015 season?

The pitch clock’s lack of enforcement; Carlos Royer’s 1901 season; will Harper repeat 2015?

Jesus Luzardo is ready to help the A’s

But not according to them!


The 2019 Marlins will focus heavily on development

Finally bereft of superstars, the Miami Marlins enter "make or break" 2019 needing several pieces to step up developmentally.

Sabermetrics news: Kyle Seager will miss Opening Day

Kyle Seager’s injury; unintended consequences from the Atlantic League mound change; pitch similarity scores

The Dodgers are keeping Julio Urías in a glass case

The hope is to limit his innings and have him ready for the second half and beyond.

It’s going to be tough for the Mets in the ultra-competitive NL East

It is great to see a team actually trying, but the Mets might very well find themselves on the outside looking in this October

Sabermetrics news: Pete Alonso is vying for the Mets first base job

The Mets’ first base logjam; the rise of the league-minimum player; odd workouts in spring training

Matt Strahm is ready to make some noise as a starter

His dirty four-pitch arsenal has him looking like a legit breakout candidate.

2019 BtBS Team Previews: Washington Nationals

The Nationals should have some positive regression in 2019.

Sabermetrics news: The Astros still have an abundance of pitchers

Spring trade ideas; increasingly bat-first infielders; the Astros’ abundance of pitching

What if Triple-A and MLB catchers traded places?

If we swapped all the starting catchers with their Triple-A counterparts, who would notice?

Returning players will make or break the 2019 Phillies

The Phillies get the opportunity to try out their new toys, but it is the returning players that will make-or-break their 2019 season.

Sabermetrics news: Dallas Keuchel remains unemployed

Dallas Keuchel still without a job; the NL is more exciting now; Joey Votto on hitting

Marty’s musings: Tom Terrific retires to his vineyard

After a tough dementia diagnosis, Tom Seaver is sadly retiring from public life.

The Braves need young pitching to build on early success

Pleasing fans and haters alike.

The Atlantic League rule changes aren’t about improving the game

If they really were curious, scientifically, they would introduce them one at a time.

Who is the Orioles’ most “indispensable” player?

Is is Trey Mancini? Or, is it someone else?

The Nationals’ outfield will be fine without Bryce Harper

Luckily, Washington has two generational talents still manning the outfield.

The Chicago Cubs have improved in spite of an uneventful off-season

The extension of 2018 acquisition Cole Hamels and return of the injured Yu Darvish should place Chicago’s starting rotation among NL’s best.

Can Dexter Fowler turn things around?

He’s coming off the worst season of his career, and the players below him on the depth chart will cause him to fight for playing time.


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