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Signing Carson Smith is a risk worth taking

Smith only pitched 14 2⁄3 innings the past three seasons, but his free agency case is compelling.

Sabermetrics news: Bob Melvin wins Manager of the Year

Pinella and Steinbrenner’s Hall cases; Whit Merrifield on offense; Bob Melvin and voting for MOY

The brutal duality of the offseason

As we scream toward Winter Meetings and the Hot Stove lights up, some teams - and fans - have to deal with a hard reality

The Royals may have a star in Adalberto Mondesi

There aren’t many things to be excited about with the Royals now, but Mondesi is doing his best to change that.

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2018 Free Agent Preview: Yasmani Grandal

He’s the best catcher on the market, but everything else is complicated.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Sabermetrics news: Joe Mauer is a worthy Hall of Famer

Allegations against the Mariners; Baseball Prospectus is purchased internally; Joe Mauer’s Hall of Fame case

Taking the qualifying offer was the right move for Hyun-Jin Ryu

The oft-injured lefty will make $17.9 million while he reasserts his value.

2018 Free Agent Preview: Manny Machado

His prowess on both sides of the ball is unparalleled.

Sabermetrics news: Shohei Ohtani wins AL Rookie of the Year

Prospect valuation; an Orioles free agent thought experiment; Ohtani is the ROY

The Cubs should make a rotational splash

The Cubs rotation was one of the worst in the NL last year. It may be time for a revamping.

2018 Free Agent Preview: Bryce Harper

The leader of the Best Offseason Ever™ takes center stage.

Would you take PEDs? Choose your own adventure!

Try to make the big leagues— and keep a clean conscious!

What you get when you acquire Corey Kluber

It sounds obvious, but this would be one of the biggest splashes you can make this offseason.

Bryce Harper was never going to take the Nationals’ $300 million offer

While it would have been the second-largest contract in MLB history, Harper’s rejection makes total sense.

Sabermetrics news: Jack Flaherty is a model pitcher

Building the perfect pitcher; the Rays’ blurred pitcher roles; Corey Kluber suitors

The Mariners trade Mike Zunino to the Rays for Mallex Smith

In yet another Mariners/Rays trade, both teams fill a need while possibly creating a need elsewhere.

Beyond the Box Score Awards: Reliever of the Year

Two breakout relievers played a huge role in two breakout teams.

Sabermetrics news: The Bill James controversy

The Bill James Controversy; trading for JT Realmuto; new baseball words


Beyond the Box Score Awards: Comeback Player of the Year

These two players came back from the brink to deliver their best performances in years.

Mariners fans deserve better, but will they get it?

After years and years of waiting for the playoff drought to end, the wait is about to get a lot longer.

Sabermetrics news: Adam Ottavino is the best reliever on the market

The loss of Lance McCullers; Adam Ottavino as one of the better relief free agents; the best defensive free agents

The Hall of Fame releases Today’s Game Era ballot

Maybe they should have just skipped this year?

Beyond the Box Score Awards: Rookie of the Year

There was no shortage of good candidates this year.

Sabermetrics news: The Mariners will be sellers

The Mariners will be sellers; free agent weaknesses; matching free agent to park

The humidor’s effect on home runs at Chase Field

Home runs were down in Arizona, but they were also down everywhere else.

Beyond the Box Score Awards: Cy Young

Nobody voted for John Smoltz.

Sabermetrics news: Marco Gonzales’ raise sets a bad precedent

Marco Gonzales’ strange raise; defensive metrics versus Gold Glove winners; whether launch anglers keep their angles

What we learned from last year’s free agency

Did they pay dividends to their new teams?

The Cubs will bounce back

It was undoubtedly a disappointing end to the season, but the Cubs’ window is still wide open.

Beyond The Box Score Awards: Most Valuable Player

And, the winners are...

Oakland’s cost-effective infield positions them well for 2019 and beyond

Despite a quick playoff exit this year, the A’s future success is anchored by several young stars.

What happened to players who accepted a qualifying offer?

Since MLB’s qualifying offer system was instituted in 2012, just five players have taken the qualifying offer.

BtBS Mailbag: Harper/Machado, surprise buyers, and flip candidates

You asked the questions, we brought the answers.

Sabermetrics news: Strikeouts are due to recede

2019 Steamer projections; JD Martinez’s 2018 launch angles; the push-and-pull of strikeouts

The fastball: comparing “stuff” and results

We always here about pitchers with good "stuff," but what if there was a way to quantify it, while comparing it to their results.


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