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Why the projection systems disagree about the Cubs

Some say first, and some say last, while all would say "volatile."

Which pitchers are ready to conquer the competition in 2019?

A slightly different way of ranking pitchers reveals a handful of pitchers who should be much better this year than last (and some that may be worse).

Marco Estrada and Oakland are a match made in heaven

Or so we think.

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Eduardo Rodriguez is primed for a breakout

Currently penciled in as Boston’s fifth starter, Eduardo Rodriguez appears ready to pitch more like a star for the Red Sox in 2019.

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The Athletics add Robbie Grossman to a crowded outfield

The switch-hitting left fielder still has some untapped potential.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Luis Severino takes a page out of Aaron Nola’s playbook

Severino signed a very similar deal to Nola’s, just two days later.

Sabermetrics news: Harper and Machado have a shot at the Hall of Fame

The future for Harper and Machado; Bill James on collusion; a manager’s soft skills

CC Sabathia is a textbook 21st century Hall of Famer

CC Sabathia announced his retirement this week. What his career tells us about contemporary starting pitchers and the Hall of Fame.

Matt Olson is on the right track

The young first baseman beat what kills so many prospects.

Sabermetrics news: The Twins extend Max Kepler and Jorge Polanco

Max Kepler’s extension; the death of framing; on TINSTAAP

How Scott Oberg became a more impactful pitcher in the second half

A change in strategy made all the difference for Oberg.

Aaron Nola’s extension is another sign that free agency is broken

It should be telling that a pitcher of Nola’s caliber isn’t eager to hit the market.

Sabermetrics news: The Athletics re-sign Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson returns to Oakland; the Mets’ and Cardinals’ logjams; five pitcher breakout candidates

Craig Kimbrel is without a job, and that’s not all on him

Sure, teams don’t want to give out lengthy deals to older relievers, but that’s not what the hang-up is about.

José Leclerc was one of 2018’s best relievers

Leclerc does so many things well, but he needs to improve his poor walk rates.

Sabermetrics news: Fans are indifferent on Harper and Machado

Plateauing fastball velocity; fan rationalization of missing out on Harper/Machado; Kyler Murray officially chooses the NFL

Can Derek Jeter build a winner in Miami this year?

Jeter says he wants to win RIGHT NOW! Can he sign enough free agents to make it happen?


Meet Junior Guerra, reliever

Another flexible reliever for the Brewers!

The Angels might have the next Josh Donaldson

Can Taylor Ward follow in Donaldson’s MVP footsteps?

Sabermetrics news: Projection systems can’t agree on the Brewers

Restricted free agency in baseball; PECOTA’s best projected players; why projection systems can’t agree on the Brewers

Introducing Connor Sadzeck, the luckiest Texas Ranger

Is it really better to be lucky than good? Can one exist without the other?

Trade Retrospective Special: Reds trade Frank Robinson to the Orioles

The late, great, Frank Robinson was involved in one of the worst trades of all time.

Marty’s musings: mourning Frank Robinson

A trade and injury get overshadowed by the passing of a legend.

MLB should consider a lottery in their proposal to change the amateur draft

In an effort to curb tanking, MLB is considering changes to the draft. A lottery system could be the way to go.

J.T. Realmuto is a worthwhile addition for the Phillies

Realmuto helps the Phillies achieve their goal of contending now.

Every team in the NL East features a new catcher

Let’s break down the catching situation across the division.

Ramón Laureano deserves more attention

He’s more than just a pretty arm.

Sabermetrics news: Rest in peace, Frank Robinson

RIP Frank Robinson; a critique of DRC+’s new changes; trimming the divisions

Young stars on-the-rise: National League

Some fun talent is on the rise in the National League, but can these players stay healthy enough to make an impact in 2019?

It doesn’t look good for Chris Davis

He was dreadful in 2018. It’s hard to find optimism in 2019.

Sabermetrics news: JT Realmuto could be the best catcher in baseball

The Marlins’ massive haul for Realmuto; Realmuto as best catcher in baseball; PECOTA’s new-found aggression

Ryan O’Hearn defied logic in 2018

His season didn’t make any sense.

The Marlins deal JT Realmuto to the Phillies

The trade of the winter is finally complete, at a price finally suitable for the Marlins’ rebuild.

Peter Alonso could be in for a big rookie year

Will he be more Rhys Hoskins or Chris Carter?

Sabermetrics news: The Mets are pitching on the inner half

The Mets’ approach on the inner half; PECOTA projects free agents; teams that need a hole filled


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