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Sabermetrics news: Sonny Gray is a Red

Sonny Gray as a Red; bunting against the shift; the Dodgers’ bad offseason

Trade Retrospective: Tigers trade Doug Fister to the Nationals

This is not one of Dombrowski’s better outcomes for a trade, but to be fair, that bar is pretty high.

The free agent reliever market is wonky

This winter’s free agent reliever contracts haven’t made a lot of sense.

Marty’s musings: dead of winter, and we wait

An underwhelming offer for Machdo does not bode well for the MLB Players’ Union.

The Latest

How the Cardinals’ crowded outfield should shake out

St. Louis’ addition of Paul Goldschmidt has forced a fight for playing time in right field, and it’s a battle Jose Martinez needs to win.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Who has benefited from dropping the sinker?

2018 saw a handful of pitchers make a step forward by moving away from the sinker.

The owners think you’re stupid

"Who, lil’ ‘ole me?"

Sabermetrics news: The Mets don’t know what they have in Brandon Nimmo

Expanding the definition of performance enhancing; first-pitch strikes; the Mets don’t know what they have in Nimmo

A Hall of Fame snub nobody is talking about

Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes flamed out of baseball in America years ago, but became one of Japanese baseball’s most feared hitters. Japanese HOF voters, though, seem to have their own agenda.

Who can claim Frank Robinson

The legend has statues in three cities. Who can claim him as their own?

Sabermetrics new: Payroll could decline for the second straight year

Declining payrolls to continue; KBO’s model for growth; fixing the Phillies’ defense

Adam Ottavino is a dominant addition to an already-standout Yankees bullpen

The best bullpen got even better.

The Blue Jays have one of the best catchers in baseball in Danny Jansen

Now with an improved profile at the plate and a bigger opportunity, Danny Jansen will look to live up to his stellar projections.

Franmil Reyes exceeded expectations

There are still concerns in his game, but Franmil Reyes turned some heads in his rookie year.

Sabermetrics news: Arbitration needs to be fixed

The unfairness of arbitration; Harper/Machado PECOTA projections; fixing the unearned run

Dodgers trade for Russell Martin

He might not be his old self anymore, but excellent plate discipline and pitch framing could help fill the void left by Yasmani Grandal.

Bartolo Colon led the league in something

Even in his present condition, he’s still the best (sort of).

Sabermetrics news: The Rays sign Avisail Garcia

Avisail Garcia’s speed; evaluating player salary; pitchers who need to adjust


A conversation between Kyler Murray and A’s GM Billy Beane

Or at least, how it could have been.

The Rays have another good reliever

Diego Castillo had a very impressive under-the-radar rookie campaign last season.

Sabermetrics news: Kyler Murray chooses the NFL

Free agency is broken; more of the same from DJ LeMahieu; the Stanton deal as a red herring; Kyler Murray chooses the NFL

What can Kyler Murray expect to make playing football?

Now that he has declared for the NFL Draft, let’s take a look at what his potential earnings may be.

We are still waiting for big news on the free agent front

It’s been fairly quiet on the free agent front, but there’s been some pretty interesting MLB news making the rounds.

Russell Martin deserves Hall of Fame discussion

As he moves from the Jays to his original club at the twilight of his career, it’s worth reflecting on one of the better catchers of the modern era.

Trade Retrospective: Cardinals trade World Series MVP David Freese to the Angels

This was almost like last week’s challenge-trade, as two teams swap major leaguers to fill needs for each side.

Bounce back candidate Brian Dozier may be a bargain for Washington

Washington’s new second baseman could be a steal compared to some other second base signings this off-season.

It’s time to stop the stigma around ten-year contracts

Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are still free agents, yet teams should be lining up to sign them to a decade-long deal.

Looking for a Chase Anderson bounceback

Chase Anderson’s 2017 may seem like a fluke, but the veteran made adjustments he’s since moved away from.

The Mets ignored fit to sign Jed Lowrie, but that’s okay

Lowrie is a very good baseball player, and the Mets will figure out how to make it work.

Sabermetrics news: The Brewers are counting on Jimmy Nelson’s recovery

Jimmy Nelson’s recovery; age and production comparisons; spreading out Harper/Machado money

Gio Gonzalez - the forgotten free agent

The overlooked Gonzalez makes a lot of sense, at a reasonable price, for a playoff contender.

The free agent reliever nobody is talking about

A changed strategy with the four-seamer led to ameliorated results for the right-handed reliever.

DJ LeMahieu is a great fit for the Yankees

He’s also an early test for Baseball Prospectus’ DRC+.

Getting creative with Alex Wood

Considering the health and performance red flags, the Reds should get the most out of Alex Wood by getting creative.

Sabermetrics news: The Giants should trade Will Smith

Trading for Will Smith; game theory and Grandal; the stathead Hall of Fame


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