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Morning Mound Visit: Details of a potential draft lottery

A lottery would exist to discourage tanking.

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Morning Mound Visit: MLB still considering WAR-based bonus pools

It’s bad!

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Morning Mound Visit: Some progress made in negotiations to end lockout

Plus, David Ortiz voted into Hall of Fame

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David Ortiz is the lone inductee into the Hall of Fame class of 2022

Despite PED controversy and borderline numbers, David Ortiz has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Where Baseball Could Line Up In A Time Of Change

Its not about being "woke", but finding were you can start to do the work.

Hey, Ballplayer! You’ve always challenged the norm

Speaking out is always been a part of the National Pastime

When expectations aren’t low enough

Ursula Parson on MLB, Black Lives Matter, and performative activism

Announcement: A new commenting system is coming to Beyond the Box Score

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

Morning Mound Visit: MLB and MLBPA to meet again Tuesday

The players and the league will continue negotiations after Monday’s heated meeting.

One True Outcome: January 24

Weekly Trivia segment about pitching awards

The “I can’t believe he has a real Hall of Fame case” tier of players: Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu and his fascinating career

How much is Juan Soto worth?

Let’s try and guess what Soto’s next contract will look like

Morning Mound Visit: MLBPA to make counteroffer Monday

Plus, Stuart Sternberg’s dumb idea is dead and robo umps are coming to AAA.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Morning Mound Visit: 2022 season in jeopardy of a delay

The league hasn’t negotiated in good faith and games might be lost because of it.

Morning Mound Visit: Carlos Correa hires Scott Boras

The best free agent on the market switched agencies.

Morning Mound Visit: Francisco Liriano announces retirement

Liriano has officially called it a career after 14 seasons.

One True Outcome: January 17

Weekly segment of baseball trivia

The “I can’t believe he has a real Hall of Fame case” tier of players

First up: Russell Martin

Is Bobby Grich stealthily Hall of Fame worthy? 

The former Orioles and Angels second baseman deserves more of a look for enshrinement into Cooperstown.

Are the Pittsburgh Pirates… interesting?

The Bucs still look like a last-place team in 2022, but they have some good young pieces, rebound candidates, and top prospects. Will they keep Bryan Reynolds, though?

Morning Mound Visit: MLB makes poor offer to MLBPA

There wasn’t a lot to get excited about in the league’s first offer since the lockout began.

Jon Lester’s Career: A Look Back

After 16 big league seasons and 3 championships, long-time Red Sox and Cub Jon Lester has called it a career.

Morning Mound Visit: Jon Lester announces retirement

The three-time World Champion is calling it a career

Morning Mound Visit: MLB and MLBPA to negotiate core economics Thursday

If MLB makes an offer, it will undoubtedly be terrible, but hey, something happening!

Morning Mound Visit: Rachel Balkovec promoted to manager of Low-A Yankees affiliate

Balkovec will be the first woman to manage an affiliated team.

One True Outcome: January 9th

Let’s learn something about greats of years past

Coaching Carousel? Yes.

New York Mets just stole a Yankee hire

The 2022 Red Sox Season according to ZiPS

A look down the road at what Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS system thinks is in store in Boston in 2022

Morning Mound Visit: Eduardo Pérez, David Cone, and Karl Ravech join Sunday Night Baseball crew

Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez will host a ‘Manningcast’ for those who hate life and themselves.

Analyzing the Yankees’ ZiPS projections

Joey Gallo is projected to have a big rebound season for the Bombers, while the system predicts Néstor Cortés to take a step back

Morning Mound Visit: MLB isn’t trying to end the lockout

For Major League Baseball, baseball is a superfluous byproduct.

One True Outcome: January 5, 2022

Five more intriguing questions to get us through this lockout

Morning Mound Visit: Yankees are top-heavy leading into 2022

Yankees ZiPS projections; The NL East; Buy the BP annual

Morning Mound Visit: Ken Rosenthal dismissed from MLB Network for criticism of Rob Manfred

The commissioner welcomed even more criticism and nuked the credibility of the league’s TV outlet all in one go.

Mariners’ long-time third baseman Kyle Seager is retiring

After a solid decade-long career, Mariners’ third baseman Kyle Seager is calling it quits.

Addressing a few things regarding Freddie Freeman’s trip to free agency

Freeman ain’t leaving Atlanta. Or is he?


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