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What we talk about when we talk about Derek Jeter

We’re through the looking glass of takes.

Sabermetrics news: MLB will need to clarify their sign-stealing rules

John Means’ remarkable rookie year; free agent bargains by DRA/DRC; clarity around sign-stealing

The BBWAA needs to fix the MVP award

The BBWAA likely enjoys all the attention that the debate over "most valuable" gets, but its divisiveness has been a problem for too long.

Do teams hire managers because of their sign-stealing skills?

Alex Cora and Carlos Beltrán were both members of the 2017 Astros. Now they’re MLB managers. It’s not hard to make the connection.

The Latest

Marty’s musing: awards, scandals, and a potential MiLB shakeup

Qualifying offers, awards season, and more Astros drama.

Come on, just sign Mike Moustakas to a multi-year deal

Hey owners, you care about surplus value? Points big red neon sign this way

Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 11/16/19

Cole Hamel’s changeup; Gabe Kapler’s history of inaction; way-too-early 2020 predictors

Why the Astros’ sign-stealing matters

MLB must act to prevent a race to the bottom.

Jake Odorizzi and José Abreu choose the qualifying offer over free agency

Both decisions highlight problems with the rule.

2019 Beyond the Box Score Awards: Most Valuable Player

For our final round of awards, we talk about the obvious.

Every team should be trying to trade for Jon Gray

Reports indicate that he could be available this offseason.

Sabermetrics news: Vlad Guerrero Jr. had a disappointing rookie year

Vlad Jr.’s sub-par debut; the audio footprint of sign-stealing; load management

The Padres already have an ace in Dinelson Lamet

The 2020 Cy Young winner is already in San Diego

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

2019 Beyond the Box Score Awards: Cy Young

The Cy Young voting might be the closest of all this year’s awards.

Sabermetrics news: Cora and Beltrán also implicated in Astros scandal

The Astros’ cheating scandal; the Red Sox return for Betts; Mike Trout and Dan Straily

MLB needs to suspend Jeff Luhnow

Luhnow’s reckless pattern of misbehavior needs to be curtailed.

The 2019 largest DRA-RA9 differences in baseball: underperformers

For the second straight year, we’re taking a look at the pitchers who most underperformed their DRAs.

2019 Beyond the Box Score Awards: Rookie of the Year

Two home run smashers take the award with ease.

Sabermetrics news: Adam Wainwright will remain a Cardinal

Wainwright remains in St. Louis; the Astros’ alleged sign stealing; free agents impacting defensively

Alex Anthopoulos has a problem

The Atlanta GM made news twice this week - and the second time might have been more damning.

The White Sox have an interesting offseason ahead of them

The rebuild might finally be coming together, but the White Sox will need a productive winter if they want to contend in 2020.

Sabermetrics news: The Astros could have issues with their bullpen

The Astros’ bullpen question marks; the visible hand of the market; using WAR to figure out awards

The 2019 largest DRA-RA9 differences in baseball: overperformers

For the second straight year, we’re taking a look at the pitchers who most outperformed their DRAs.

There are too many good third basemen right now

This is bad news for Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson, and Mike Moustakas.

Marty’s musings: front office moves, qualifying offers, and robo-umps

Winter doldrums lead to questions about the future CBA contract while teams reshuffle their coaching staffs and front offices.

A deeper look into Will Smith’s qualifying offer and value

Giving a reliever the offer is strange, but not so much when you consider Smith’s 2019.

What is next for the Red Sox?

Self-imposed financial constraints are going to force the team make some very hard choices.

Julio Teheran still has plenty of upside

Whoever signs Julio Teheran will have plenty to work with.

Sabermetrics news: The Cubs have two years to seize on their window

The Cubs’ shrinking window; rising ticket prices vs. attendance; Strasburg and Scherzer

There are early warning signs for this offseason

Some of baseball’s top teams probably won’t be spending this offseason.

It doesn’t matter if owners say the magic word of “collusion”

Trying to pinpoint precise language is actually an obfuscation of the real conflict.

Sabermetrics news: Yankees’ spending is at its lowest level since 2000

The Yankees’ (lack of) spending; midlevel free agents that could make a difference; what Strasburg’s opt-out means

World Series MVP Strasburg opts out, Arrieta and Martínez do not

Arrieta’s and J.D.’s decisions make perfect sense, but Strasburg’s is more interesting.

Plenty of teams should be interested in Yasmani Grandal

But will they?

Sabermetrics news: JD Martinez opts in, leaves Red Sox with questions

JDM’s opt-in with the Red Sox; Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame case; the automated strike zone

The Modern Era Committee can reverse some Hall of Fame injustices

Lou Whitaker, Thurman Munson, Ted Simmons, and Marvin Miller highlight the loaded list of candidates.


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