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Sabermetrics news: The Yankees send the ALCS back to Houston

Yordan Álvarez’s slow postseason; the dejuiced ball and relievers; the Yankees’ chances

Yordan Álvarez is struggling

Pitchers are bringing the high heat.

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The Cardinals devil magic ran out

St. Louis suffered an embarrassing defeat, but they should still be proud of this season.

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Sabermetrics news: The Astros are on the cusp of the Fall Classic

More on the dejuiced ball; and MORE on the dejuiced ball; Clayton Kershaw’s playoff woes, statistically

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Do the Nationals (or Astros!) have the best “Big Three” ever?

Two great pitching trios remain in the playoffs.

Josh James has been a weapon in the Astros bullpen

The hard-throwing reliever has hit his stride at the perfect time.

Sabermetrics news: Anthony Rendon is anything but underrated now

Anthony Rendon no longer underrated; the below-average Rockies; starters bucking the trend in the playoffs

Despite heartbreaking playoff exit, the Dodgers window is still wide open

That playoff loss is going to sting for awhile, but this should still be the team to beat in the NL next season.

Stephen Strasburg has shut down the opposition

From overhyped to underappreciated, Stephen Strasburg is a major reason the Nationals won their first NL Pennant.

Oakland is suing to stop a new Athletics ballpark

Oakland is suing to keep the A’s in a sewage-infested lemon. Why might they be in the right here?


Cole blanks the Yankees; Zimmerman’s fitting trophy en route to a pennant; RIP to the Cardinals

Can the Yankees pen keep pace with the Astros’ aces?

The Yankees modern bullpen construction takes a litmus test against Houston’s two aces.

Were the Angels legally responsible for Tyler Skaggs’ death?

The team’s Director of Communications was allegedly supplying the southpaw with illegal drugs.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

We are currently watching a different sport

Come October, we virtually stepped through a portal.

Sabermetrics news: The Nationals are a win away from the World Series

The Nats’ bullpen; the noted absence of Bryce Harper; shadows in playoff games

Brian McCann announces his retirement

The Braves catcher has had a shockingly great career when looked at through a modern lens.

The decreasing qualifying offer is a bigger problem than it seems

It’s a bad indication for the offseason to come.

The Astros are being sued for tanking

The Former Astros Owner Accused the Current Astros Owner of Losing on Purpose.

Gleyber Torres has become a truly special player

Zack Greinke is not, shockingly, a member of the Baltimore Orioles.

Tommy Edman is a surprising source of value

Edman has been excelling in all facets of the game.

ALCS Preview: Yankees vs. Astros

Round two should be better than ever.

Sabermetrics news: Aníbal Sánchez nearly completes the no-hitter

The continued Clayton Kershaw narrative; predicting playoff sweeps; how to hit the Yankees

Dave Martinez made all the right moves

Luck is important in October. But so is putting your team in the best position to win.

NLCS preview: Nationals vs. Cardinals

Will Dave Martinz’ unconventional use of his starters deliver the Nationals their first NL pennant?

Sabermetrics news: Astros set the stage for epic rematch with Yankees

The dejuiced playoff ball; Gabe Kapler’s firing; the Yankees/Astros rematch

Gerrit Cole is impossible right now

He’s pitching at a level that’s rarely been reached.

Gerrit Cole vs. Tyler Glasnow is a premium Game Five matchup

The Rays-Astros series concludes tonight.

Sabermetrics news: Nats win first playoff series in dramatic fashion

The Cardinals’ fateful first inning; the Nats’ dramatic comeback; the continued Kershaw playoff narrative

The Twins’ excellent regular season ends in another disappointing playoff exit

Now the team needs to look toward a critical offseason in order to leverage the talented core and weak division.

Four teams enter, two teams leave

All the chaos has been saved for now.

Sabermetrics news: The Rays force a Game Five

The Rays force a Game Five; stratified team performance in 2019; Aaron Judge’s October transformation

Dumb things baseball execs have said lately— a ranking

Some baseball folks would be better off just not speaking at all.

It’s time for the Braves to end the tomahawk chop

The Atlanta Braves’ fan chant and hashtag is racist, and causes measurable harm. We shouldn’t be accepting this in 2019.

The Nationals forced Game Five without a functioning bullpen

Relying on their starting pitchers, the Nats find themselves one game away from the NLCS.

Sabermetrics news: The Yankees sweep their way to the ALCS

Adam Wainwright’s resurgence in the postseason; Brett Gardner’s crucial Game Three at-bat; the Twins’ playoff woes

Firing Mickey Callaway will not fix the Mets’ problems

It might have been the right move, but it is impossible to prove how a manager is impacting his team in terms of wins or losses added. Oh, and the Wilpons are still there.


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