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Cole Hamels signs a one-year deal with the Braves

The Atlanta Braves signed yet another free agent to a short contract.

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Sabermetrics news: Can the Phillies turn Zack Wheeler into an ace?

Hamels to the Braves; how Wheeler complicates the Phillies’ road to contention; the Brewers’ plan

Kyle Gibson signs with the Rangers

Gibson could be a solid positive regression candidate, but the Rangers are still far from contending for a playoff spot.

The Phillies sign Zack Wheeler to a five-year, $118 million contract

First blood of the offseason is drawn.

The Latest

If you had a team full of non-tendered players... many games could you win?

Sabermetrics news: Jurickson Profar joins the Padres

Jurickson Profar to the Padres; the value of a win; the most valuable pitch

The Cubs hired Craig Driver to fix Willson Contreras’s framing

The Cubs’ new catching coach has a record of success.

The Yankees Don’t Want to Pay Jacoby Ellsbury

Do they have legal grounds to withhold his salary?

Sabermetrics news: The Yankees begin their pursuit of Gerrit Cole

An important year for Justin Upton; Starling Marte’s plate discipline; the race for Gerrit Cole

Mike Moustakas (finally) signs a long-term deal

How will Moustakas fit with the Cincinnati Reds?

The Orioles interestingly place Jonathan Villar on waivers

Villar’s late season surge came too late for him to be a valuable trade asset.

Why Billy Wagner Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Only one pitcher in baseball history with at least 900 innings prevented runs better than Wagner, and that was Mariano Rivera.

Cold stove news and notes

The Yankees go at Jacoby Ellsbury’s owed money, and yet another domestic violence accusation.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Jesús Aguilar’s break out was followed by a break down

The 2018 All-Star is now looking for work.

All-Thanksgiving 25-man roster

Why not?

Thanksgiving Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sabermetrics news: The Padres sign Drew Pomeranz

Drew Pomeranz to the Padres; addressing the Mookie Betts rumors; all-decade team

Here’s some thoughts on how to fix the Veterans’ Committee process

It is probably best to abolish it, but short of that, it needs a major overhaul.

Todd Helton deserves more Hall of Fame consideration

In his career, he was overshadowed. Now, he’s being overlooked.

Sabermetrics news: The Mariners are taking a chance on Kendall Graveman

The M’s taking a chance on Graveman; taking stock of the Marlins’ tank; the best one-season wonders

Which Marcell Ozuna will a future team acquire?

While considered a slight disappointment in St. Louis, his peripherals show an optimistic projection for 2020.

Sabermetrics news: Jacoby Ellsbury’s doctor contradicts Yankees’ report

Jacoby Ellsbury’s doctor speaks; pitchers who changed their CSprob; d’Arnaud to the Braves

Resetting the free agent catcher market post-Grandal

With the biggest prize claimed, who remains?

White Sox extend José Abreu after he accepts a qualifying offer

The White Sox could have waited out the 2020 season, but clearly they believe in their veteran first baseman.

BtBS Exclusive: A conversation with Trevor Bauer’s new agent, Rachel Luba

Rachel Luba talked with Sheryl Ring about her new agency, Bauer, and being a woman in a male-dominated field.

Sabermetrics news: The White Sox extend José Abreu

José Abreu stays in Chicago; the Astros’ post-sign stealing improvement; the Jacoby Ellsbury dispute

Yasmani Grandal gets paid, and the White Sox get a whole lot better

Last winter, Yasmani Grandal bet on himself. That was a wise move.

Sabermetrics news: Major league equivalencies for Tsutsugo and Akiyama

Andrew Miller’s troubled tunneling; Grandal as a good first step; how good are Yoshitomo Tsutsugo and Shogo Akiyama

2019 MLB retirements: from the field to the front office

With a number of high-profile retirements, we take a look at those walking away from the game.

The Yankees (and fans) took all the wrong lessons from Jacoby Ellsbury

In many ways, he was the rallying cry against big contracts. In fact, he’s an argument to go all-in.

Sabermetrics news: Jonathan Villar was a bright spot for the Orioles

Jonathan Villar’s explosive season; Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame case; a better way to vote on the MVP

On Mindy McCready, and why PEDs aren’t why Roger Clemens belongs outside the Hall of Fame

Sometimes, the character clause should matter. This is one of those times.

New Pirates GM Ben Cherington has his work cut out for him

He was a lot better than he got credit for in Boston, but he faces a significantly more difficult job in Pittsburgh

Why Bobby Abreu Belongs in the Hall of Fame

The longtime right fielder is one of the greatest players of all time.

The Hall of Fame is incomplete without Larry Walker

This is the last chance for Hall voters to elect him.

Sabermetrics news: The Angels could go all-in in 2020

Hunter Wood’s fastball; the Angels’ long road to success; how Manfred responds to Astros


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