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Regarding that reported Carlos Correa offer

Let’s talk a little about Carlos Correa

Kevin Cash should have won Manager of the Year unanimously

Kevin Cash sustained losses and prevailed marvelously

Wander Franco’s extension and baseball’s service time issues

Wander Franco is going to be a Ray for a very long time

The Padres will have to win the offseason again

Injuries sank the Padres, but this season revealed how top-heavy this roster is.

Let’s not “Well, actually” Salvador Perez’s home run record

"He hit 15 homers as a DH!"

MLB’s Talks with Barstool Show the Cowardice of Both Rob Manfred and MLB Players

Making money off of bigotry isn’t a business deal.

Jed Hoyer’s comments underscore issues with Cubs’ operation

The current Chicago Cubs general manager took some parting shots at his former employees.

MLB’s sticky stuff crackdown is an ill-timed overcorrection

Getting rid of Spider Tack will make the game better but there are going to casualties.

Games decided by home run derby should stay in the Pioneer League

Manfred’s Law dictates that any rule that would make baseball worse but gambling on baseball easier must be considered for implementation in MLB.

No one elected to Hall of Fame

Thank god.

The Padres are going for it again, but this time it’s different

A.J. Preller has learned from his past mistakes

Daniel Descalso and a franchise gone awry

Daniel Descalso didn’t work out for the North Side of Chicago but it’s what he represents that should be more concerning to Cubs fans.

A neutral-site World Series is actually a negative

Like the ghost runner rule, the neutral-site World Series should stay in 2020.

MLB’s exceptional stupidity

In the crowning moment of the 2020 season MLB showed just how stupid it could be by allowing a COVID-positive Justin Turner onto the field to celebrate with his teammates.

We’re due for a long, brutal offseason

This will make the 2018-19 offseason look like nothing.

The Negro Leagues need help from MLB players

The Negro Leagues are celebrating their centennial and it is has become more clearer than ever that future generations depend on MLB players using their voices to make sure the Negro Leagues are never forgotten.

The Aesthetic of the Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays are a great team, but is the way they play baseball and the way their front office constructs a roster the bets for baseball?

MLB is only allowing fans because they can get away with it

Epidemiologists agree allowing fans is a terrible idea, but the inability to contract trace means nothing can be pegged on the league.

Mike Trout misses the playoffs, again

Mike Trout finds himself on the outside looking in as the 2020 MLB playoffs get underway. The whole world wants Trout in the playoffs, but it’s clear he can’t do it alone.

The AL and NL each uniquely prove the drawbacks to expanded playoffs

Non-competitive races and non-competitive teams.

Roger Angell: The best baseball has ever seen


An odd duck of a season

The 2020 MLB season has been odd and if you feel something is off or weird about the season as it heads down the home stretch you’re not alone.

Alec Mills’ no-hitter could be the last of its kind

Contracted minor leagues mean fewer opportunities for players like Mills to claw their way through the cracks.

When to speak up and when to be quiet

Reporters far too often find themselves talking when they shouldn’t because being first to speak outweighs being qualified to speak.

More MLB stadiums should be used as polling places

Dodger Stadium and Nationals Park will serve as polling places in November. More should join them.

To trade or not to trade?

Outlook hazy. Check back next week.

It’s time for Chris Russo’s time at MLB Network to finally, mercifully end

Chris Russo used the platform he gets from MLB to peddle racism. Again.

On Mistakes, Inadvertence, and Impact

The biggest problem with the A’s Ryan Christenson making a Nazi salute isn’t the salute itself. It’s what he said afterwards.

Important communication

MLB hasn’t been communicating Coronavirus related information to its players and that communication breakdown has not gone unnoticed by some of the players.

Joe Kelly deserves his suspension

Like the Astros, Joe Kelly got off easy.

Canada stands tall

The Canadian government told the Toronto Blue Jays they will have to find a new home for the 2020 season because they value safety for their community.

MLB can’t keep its promise

The league needs to increase testing to keep players safe, but increasing testing means taking from the public supply.


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