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Visuals Above Replacement

One more measure of Bryce Harper's 2015 season

As if you needed another, here's one more measure of Bryce Harper's dominance in 2015.

2016 Free Agency Contact Calculator

The free agency contract calculator is updated for the 2016 season - now with qualifying offers!

Let's watch Kershaw make hitters look silly

Every summer, hitters line up to petition their state legislature to outlaw Public Enemy Number One, Clayton Kershaw's Curveball.

Visualizing Kluber's 18 K's in Python

Using a pitch's start and end location, as well as initial velocity and acceleration, we can extrapolate the complete path of a pitched ball in three dimensions.

Pitching mechanics and results over time

What used to work for pitchers may no longer work after many years in the league.

The 2015 Mistake Index

Is there a correlation between the number of mistakes teams make and their success?

Strike 'em out, throw 'em out double plays

A visual display of data about the strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play.

New, probably way-too-early batted ball data

About 500 batted balls from the new MLB season have trajectory data available - what do they look like, and what can we learn?

The business of baseball

Forbes released their most recent estimates of the values of baseball franchises. What can this data tell us about the economic state of the game?

Visualizing Pitch Transitions

Pitch transition diagrams show how often one pitch type is followed by with another (e.g., a fastball by a slider). Diagrams for Clayton Kershaw and Yu Darvish show how they sequence their pitch types.

Win percentage vs. BaseRuns win percentage

Which teams differed the most and least in the two metrics?

Aces and changeups

A few aces are using the change a bit differently but still achieving great results.

Defensive metrics can be made to converge faster

Single season defensive metrics could be made about as reliable as wOBA, wRC+, and many other offensive metrics. To do this, I adapt Bayesian filter methods.

Three true outcomes leaders for 2014

What with Adam Dunn's retirement, it's a good time to look at the players who avoided putting the ball in play the most in 2014.

Free Agency Contract Calculator

Who's going to land the best contract this offseason?

JAVIER: Prospect career analysis

Third in a three-part series on prospect analysis, which contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success in the majors.

JAVIER: Analyzing prospects by age and level

The second in a three-part series on prospect analysis. This contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success in the majors.

How value in closers is found outside WAR

Do closers present the most clear picture of wins added (or lost)?

Visualizing the AL MVP Race

Taking a graphical look at the American League MVP race.

Visualizing Home Run Pitch Locations

An interactive visualization looking at where home runs were pitched in the strike zone by pitch type, distance, speed, and damage.

A New Way to Measure Plate Discipline?

Trying to quantify how disciplined some hitters are.

2013 Hall of Fame Ballot Features 14 Worthy Stars

Use this visualization based on Wins Above Replacement and Wins Above Average to help you decide who to support in this year's Hall of Fame voting.

Beyond the Box Score United Cover Art

A delicious selection of cover illustrations we've been using to make our awesome content stand apart from the crowd.

Baltimore Orioles' post-season history is barren

The Infield Fly Rule In The Outfield Diagram

There are a certain few plays that will live within the halls of baseball lore, whispered about in shame, argued over for years to come. This is one of them.

The Best Lineups to be Perfect Gamed

Where does Felix Hernandez's perfect game rank in history? Forget game score—let's look at how good each lineup was when they fell victim to a perfect game.

Francona's Red Sox

Feeling nostalgic about the old Francona Red Sox? This infographic shows the Red Sox players who provided the most value during his glorious, glorious tenure as Red Sox manager.

A Graphic Look at the All Star Vote: How WAR Would Change Balloting

A Graphic Look at Trout vs Harper

A Graphic Look at Compensation Pick Wins

A Graphic Look at Adam Jones Production vs Actual Cost

Wins Above Replacement: Distribution and Rarity of Talent 2011

73% of all players produce between -1 and +1 WAR. Still.