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Media Review

The Brian Kenny Interview

The MLB Network host talks about his new book and the state of the "Baseball Revolution."

Continue thinking like a GM. Some used to play.

Matt Corbett wrote a fantastic piece that urged baseball fans to think more like a player and less like a general manager. However, these perspectives may not be so opposing.

MLBAM strikes out in marketing baseball

DMCA takedown notices are a common occurrence on Twitter these days, and it's hurting the ability for fans to connect with baseball.

The beauty of luck

Luck can never be removed from baseball, and we’d be poorer if luck were removed from our analytical vocabulary about the game.

Defending sabermetrics on the airwaves

Michael Bradburn takes on Toronto radio host Mike Wilner regarding all things WAR.

Recapping presentations from SABR Analytics

Last week a few of the @BtBS writers were in Phoenix. We're recapping some of the presentations!

The best of Baseball Prospectus 2015

It's easy to tell that spring is inching ever closer, because Baseball Prospectus 2015 is now available! This post is one person's choices for the best and wittiest comments.

Ban the infield shift?

Commissioner Manfred has stated that he is open to a ban on the infield shift in order to bring more offense into the game. Would such a ban accomplish this goal and if so, by what magnitude?

Hank Conger's suspect framing numbers

As a prospect, the (now) Houston catcher didn't have the reputation of a good defender; limited major league numbers — and reactions to his recent trade — suggest otherwise.

Can sabermetrics thrive on television broadcasts?

On Saturday night, Just A Bit Outside and Fox Sports 1 tried a different kind of broadcast. How did they do and will it catch on?

OOTP 15 Review

Out Of The Park Developments recently released OOTP 15 and iOOTP 2014.

An interview with Sean Forman founder Sean Forman answers some questions about his site and advanced baseball metrics.

Who breaks the news?

Analyzing the best reporters of the 2014 offseason.

The best of 'Baseball Prospectus 2014'

In addition to brilliant analysis, there's some extremely funny writing in Baseball Prospectus 2014. One man's opinion of the best of this year's book.

Baseball 2015--A Bill James Essay Re-Visited

Bill James wrote an essay titled "Baseball 2015" in his New Historical Baseball Abstract. This post reviews some of his points and how they've developed in the intervening 10+ years.

Holiday gifts: Top 15 baseball books

Heading out to shop on Black Friday? Be sure to check our list of the best baseball books before you do.

Baseball has brains, how about a soul?

What does baseball have to do with the metaphysical, and do we place too much value on the emotions we feel after a season ends? Did the Red Sox do anything more than just win the 2013 World Series?

Phillies Cole Hamels & the Progressive vs. Arcane

Cole Hamels has had an up and down season, but his performance becomes more newsworthy than it deserves. It leads to discussion of historically bad numbers.

Homey Bailey & The Top 20 in 365

Let's look at the top performers over the last calendar year, it seems to be the hip way to analyze player performance. Which names might surprise you and which won't?

Leyland Continues to Misuse Tigers Bullpen

The Tigers lost to the Royals Wednesday, and it sparked a debate that began with Valverde's struggles, and moved on to replacing him. Could the problem lie elsewhere, on a grander stage?

Scrap the Draft, or Keep it Going Strong?

Does the MLB draft have inherent deficiencies that make it obsolete and in need of a major overhaul? It's possible, but would it actually change anything or merely change some aspects with similar results?

Rays Ace Goes Down, But Pitching Not a Problem

The Tampa Bay Rays have lots of pitching, but do they have enough offense? What might happen to David Price, and should any team ever trade with the Rays again?

Harper, Marte, and WAR

Jon Heyman's tweet earlier today sparked a discussion about the reliability of WAR and defensive metrics. We know UZR is unstable early, but is it entirely useless?

Does MLB have a DUI problem on its hands?

Major Leaguers aren't arrested more often for DUI than anywhere else, but the league still has an obligation to take action against those guilty of DUI. It's the right thing to do.

Are Sabermetrics & the "Old School" really at war?

After a prominent TV announcer made incendiary remarks towards Sabermetrics, an influential member of the analytics "community" retorted, but does it mean the two sides should be in such a conflict?

MLB Now Review

MLB Now is a new show on MLB Network featuring sabermetric enthusiast Brian Kenny and traditional-minded former player Harold Reynolds. Sounds fun and dumb, right? Well it was fun, but also surprisingly intelligent.

Analytics, Sloan, and the fan perspective

The Managing Editor of Beyond the Box Score provides his input on the continued debate between saber-minded people and those who don't value analytics in the same way.

Will Adrian Gonzalez Rebound in 2013?

Adrian Gonzalez didn't seem like his old self in 2012, how concerned should we be?

Is the WBC Too Boring?

How do we balance rewarding the best teams and making the WBC exciting for fans?

Top Prospects in Baseball

A look at Jason Parks' recent list of the top 101 prospects in baseball.

20-80 Scale, Saber Style

Scouts have their own 20-80 scale, but now we can use one for looking at statistics.

A King's Ransom for King Felix

The Mariners locked up Felix Hernandez for seven years. How will this impact other potential free agent pitchers?


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