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The Mariners Sign Felix Hernandez for 7 years-$175 million


Yesterday it was reported that the Seattle Mariners signed Felix Hernandez to a 7 seven year contract that will pay out $175 million dollars. That surpasses CC Sabathia as the biggest contract in MLB history for a starting pitcher. Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs takes a look at the deal: Felix Hernandez Reportedly Getting Blockbuster Contract

On talent, Hernandez is worth the money. Over the past three years, he ranks sixth in baseball (among pitchers) in RA9-wins, between Cliff Lee and David Price, and he ranks third in FIP-based WAR, between Lee and Roy Halladay.

Hernandez certainly been one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. From 2010-2012 he accumulated 17.3 fWAR, as well as 17.9 Ra9-Wins.

His $25m annual average salary puts it above Zack Greinke's $24.5m annual average, CC Sabathia's $24.4m, and Cole Hamels $24m annual average. The total money is higher than some people predicted though. Dave Cameron estimated that Hernandez would receive a contract within the the 7 year-$150 million dollar realm.

With Felix getting his money, it will be interesting to see how much Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander receive. Both Verlander and Kershaw are able to hit the free agent market, and if they do then we should see two enormous contracts.

Questions for the community:

1) What are your impressions of Hernandez' deal?

2) Who becomes the first $200 million dollar pitcher?

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