'He understands the challenges that New York represents' – Mets explain why they chose Billy Eppler as GM

Officially, the Mets introduced Billy Eppler as the team's new General Manager on Friday, with the owner of Mets Steve Cohen and president of the team Sandy Alderson joining in on a news presser with reporters via the Zoom app.

Billy Eppler, who visits regularly, in his opening statement said: "I'm tremendously excited to be here and be a part of the Mets organization, I'd like to thank Steve and Alex Cohen for giving me this opportunity. In our conversations as we went through this process and this dialogue, it was evident every step of the way that they are committed to building a championship-caliber organization from top to bottom. I would also like to thank Sandy for her guidance and your support throughout the process. And know that I'm excited to work alongside you, getting a chance to position myself with someone with your resume and baseball acumen is something I look forward to.

"To the Mets fans, man I cannot wait to connect with you in person. I'll take you back to my first game seeing the Mets in 2005 at Shea Stadium, it was my first exposure in person. I felt your passion, I witnessed the electricity of the environment. I'm sitting in the scout seat behind home plate, and looking around the stadium, and thinking to myself, 'this is what a baseball game was intended to look like. Just know, I look at the role of our baseball operations department as one to serve you. We realize we have a duty and obligation to you, and we will take that seriously."

Team President, Sandy Alderson in his opening statement said: "It's my real pressure to announce that Billy Eppler is the new general manager of the New York Mets, Billy has over twenty years of experience in the game, a variety of positions including assistant general manager, general manager. Tremendous and lengthy experience in the New York market. He understands the challenges that New York represents in terms of its fans, who are knowledgeable and passionate and demanding, as well as the big stage."

Eppler explains Mets vision going forward, "As far as our vision for the Mets organization moving forward, we want to build and drive a culture that promotes an inclusive and collaborative environment that is defined by high operational standards, I just want to reiterate that again I'm thrilled to be here because along with the 2009 World Series Championship, this is a career highlight for me.

"To the fans, we have a sizeable list of things to do right now. From a managerial hire to coaching staff hires, to free agency and trade market. We're going to kick it into high gear as soon as we wrap it up here today."

Team President, Sandy Alderson, who plays games at online casino canada real money, explains the vetting process adopted in hiring the new GM, "This was not a linear process, this was not a matter of making inquiries and making offers on a serial basis, Billy is the only one who received an offer from Steve and the Mets. It was an exhaustive process, we talked to many people. We're very happy that as a result, Billy is our new general manager.

"Secondly, I want to talk about the vetting process in connection with our search. It also was exhaustive. It was broader, deeper than any vetting process we had ever undergone. It involved not only inquiries with respect to those in the industry, those for whom he had worked, but also those with whom he had worked within an organization or outside of the organization, the media for example" he concluded.

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