World Series Game 3: 'Gut' call to pull Ian Anderson paid off for Atlanta Braves

A "gut" stance to pull Ian Anderson after five no-hit innings eventually paid off, as Braves coach Brian Snitker said, after his side's dominant 2-0 victory over the Houston Astros in Friday’s Game 3 of the World Series.

The 23-year-old pitcher had four strikeouts in the first 5 innings to the game of the Atlanta Braves crowd, as it hosted a World Series encounter for the first time in over two decades and faced the fascinating prospect of a possible no-hitter.

Anderson, a starting pitcher on the night, had handed Astro manager little cause for worries, offering the second-longest no-hit bid by any rookie in a World Series match, but Snitker notwithstanding turned to the bullpen to begin the sixth inning, a stance he later credited to his incredible intuition.

Snitker said in a post-game presser, "He'd thrown a lot of pitches in the top half of that lineup, I thought the fourth inning he really had to work to get through that. He had a really good fifth inning.

"And I told him, because he was like, 'Are you sure? Are you sure?' But I was just like, 'Ian, I'm going with my gut right here.'"
Atlanta Braves fell short of a no-hitter, as the Astros were limited to two hits, but the gut decision paid off and the Atlanta Braves ended the game with an incredible 2-1 lead in the Fall Classic’s best-of-seven.

Anderson said via, "You want the chance to compete, especially on the biggest stage like this is, I knew he wasn't going to budge - it's hard to ... you can't blame him for going to those guys. Those guys time in and time out get it done.

"And you know they did it again tonight."

On the night, third baseman Austin Riley produced an outstanding double to send home Rosario in the bottom of the 3rd and catcher Travis d'Arnaud brought the crowd to their feet with a lone homer in the eighth.

Manager Brian Snitker hailed Anderson after 76 pitches with a handshake in the dugout before heading to his bullpen, which kept up the incredible momentum even as the second baseman of the Astros Aledmys Diaz ended the Atlanta Braves' hitless streak with a single in the eighth.

Anderson said while a part of him desired to see through the game he had full belief in the bullpen.

The 23-year-old said after the game via best sa online casino, "We had trust in those guys, they'd gotten us to this point and they're going to get us to where we need to be."

Houston Astros Alex Bregman– third baseman, got his team’s only other hit of the 9th with a single in the 9th inning.
The Houston Astros, not disturbed by a cheating scandal that led to their World Series championship in 2017, faced an unforgiving away fans that kicked off the encounter by raining down boos like fire and brimstones as well as cries of "cheater" on Jose Altuve.
The Astros are scheduled to face two more matches at Trust Park, as Game 4 of the World Series holds in Atlanta on Saturday.

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