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Justin Upton demolished baseballs in 2-homer game against Red Sox

Just absolutely obliterated.

Lucroy and Bruce help new teams with dingers

Well that was fast.

Bryce Harper is pounding the ball into the ground

He’s gotta figure out how to elevate more despite pitchers giving him few pitches to elevate.

Odubel Herrera whiffs route on hit to center field


Stanton is the favorite to win the Home Run Derby

The odds are in his favor, but not by much.

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Lorenzo Cain robs a home run with an unbelievable catch

Cain's arm looks a little like jelly after making this catch, but Royals fans are used to seeing Cain make plays like this. Cain ranks second only to Leonys Martin in defensive runs saved among center fielders since 2014, and he ranks eighth overall. According to Jeffrey Flanagan and Statcast, Cain's route efficiency was 98 percent on a batted ball that goes for a hit about 89 percent of the time.

Bettors somehow think Bumgarner will be in HR Derby

A pitcher competing with sluggers? Yes please.

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Byron Buxton shows off speed on lightning-fast triple

I'm pretty sure my home to first speed would be right around his home to third speed.

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J.T. Realmuto hits homer, gets a single

Longest single of the season. Easily.

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Andrew McCutchen gets a dinger hat trick

He blasted the first two, but the last one just barely made it out.

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Javier Baez shows Twister skills in stealing a base

Super fancy.

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Mike Trout's low launch angles produce best outcomes

Trout got a hit roughly 81 percent of time when he launched the ball at 10 degrees. His launch angle distribution also contains more contact where he does the most damage. For everyone's sake, please follow Daren Willman's work (@darenw). As if anyone needed another reason to swoon over Trout.

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2016 Spring Training report dates

Minnesota and Toronto players get a few extra days.

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2015 Grammar rankings of sports fans

Baseball fans in general are pretty bad with grammar. Indians fans have it together though. Study from Grammarly.

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Here is the hardest-hit ball recorded by StatCast this year

Known masher Giancarlo Stanton is responsible, of course. It's not a dinger though. It had a launch speed of 120.3 mph on a 79.2 mph pitch.

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Salary lost due to injury

Don't have a shoulder, an elbow, or be a pitcher. Got it.

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Rasmus vs. Cespedes

Their offense has been similar overall for the past three years, but Cespedes gets a lot of value from his arm.

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How much a baseball game proposal costs

You should expect to spend something in the neighborhood of a fortune to propose at Dodger Stadium. This is a well-designed infographic.

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The Chapman Filter

You know you skew the data when there has to be a filter built specifically for you.

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Brandon Crawford hit a home run, then hit it again

StatCast's measurements on Brandon Crawford's home runs were nearly identical on his two opposite-field blasts in Atlanta. ESPN's Home Run Tracker disagrees just a bit.

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The Astros score almost half their runs off home runs

The Yankees, Dodgers, and Mariners are close to the Astros as well. The Royals and Braves, on the other hand, do not rely much on home runs.

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Trade deadline madness? Yes...and no.

There are fewer trades this year, but a lot of players are still on the move. There have been about 3.5 players on the move for each trade in 2015 compared to about 3.0 players last year and about 2.6 players per trade in 2013.

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Twins decide to test StatCast

I'd love to see the StatCast data for this play. "Third baseman accelerates backward at rate of 13.2mph after colliding with other center of mass"

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The value of defense

Despite similar offensive output, Chris Coghlan far outpaces Hanley Ramirez in fWAR.

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Home Run Derby 2015: The longest bomb of Round 1

Off the bat of Joc Pederson, this home run was the longest measured home run of round 1.

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Chris Sale is really good at getting whiffs

Chris Sale leads all starters in whiff and whiff rate (minimum 500 pitches).

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Why our brains have difficulty processing curveballs

Humans are about as good at perceiving peripheral motion as a GPS in downtown Pittsburgh is at pinpointing your location.

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Gabe Kapler changing MiLB players' thoughts about stats

Pedro Moura describes which statistics Gabe Kapler, the Dodgers' director of player development, wants his minor leaguers to pay attention to. Via ocregister (h/t Neil Weinberg)

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The Venditte Diagram

Matt Jackson, @jacksontaigu, has the appropriate visualization of Pat Venditte.


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