Longest Winning And Losing Streaks In MLB History

The American League was founded officially in 1901, but that was after the National League was established in 1876. Now, the two leagues were merged in 1903 and were named Major League Baseball.

Ever since, there have been several records that have been set in the league, which includes the number of streaks. 118 years later, one of those impressive feats were set as the St. Louis Cardinals won their 17th consecutive game on Tuesday following a victory game against the Milwaukee Brewers, a game backed up by Australian online casino at the time.

Following that Tuesday victory, St. Louis locked up the second NL wild-card spot, but their streak came to an unfortunate end having suffered a shutout defeat against that same Milwaukee on Wednesday, placing them short of a controversial record.

Longest Winning Streak In MLB History

The longest winning streak in the MLB has always been a good topic to talk about among fans. The New York Giants currently holds the record with 26 straight wins, but it came with an unofficial tie during the run. The Giants claimed 12 straight victories, before playing a tie against the Pittsburgh Pirates when the game was postponed to the weather.

According to the rules at the time, the tie would not count in the standing and the game will have to be replayed from the beginning once more in the next day in a doubleheader. The Giants went on to win the replay of the game the next day, and they went on to win 13 more games following that to set 26 consecutive record wins in the MLB.

Most of the other streaks were set in the early 20th century, which was long before anybody was born. However, two teams from the 21st century have winning streaks longer than the Cardinals' current run - Cleveland Indians with 22 games set and the Oakland Athletics with 20 games in 2002. None of them managed to win a playoff series that season, with both teams losing in the American League Division Series.

New York Giants - 26 Games (1916, with an unofficial tie)

Cleveland Indians - 22 Games (2017)

Chicago Cubs - 21 Games (1935)

Oakland Athletics - 20 Games (2002)

Chicago White Sox - 19 Games (1906, had an unofficial tie)

New York Yankees - 19 Games (1937)

New York Giants - 18 Games (1904)

New York Yankees - 18 Games (1953)

New York Giants - 17 Games (1907)

Washington Senators - 17 Games (1912)

New York Giants - 17 Games (1916)

Philadelphia Athletics - 17 Games (1931)

Pittsburg Pirates - 17 Games (1937/38)

St. Louis Cardinals - 17 Games (2021)

Longest Losing Streak In MLB History

Unlike the winning streaks, the losing streak record happened more recently as six of them happened after 1960. Philadelphia teams seemed to be more prominent in this area, as the Philadelphia Phillies holds the longest losing streak with 23 games in 1961, while Philadelphia Athletics lost 20 consecutive games on two different occasions, which even appalling to even machines a sous en ligne.

The Baltimore Orioles became the latest addition to this list in 2021, having lost 19 straight games from August 3 to August 24. The 1988 Orioles had the second-worst losing streak with 21 games. Despite the availability of two future Hall of Famers - Cal Ripken Jr. and Eddie Murray - Baltimore still tasted 21 consecutive defeats to the start of the season 0-21, which is the worst start in MLB history.

Philadelphia Phillies - 23 Games (1961)

Baltimore Orioles - 21 Games (1988)

Boston Americans - 20 Games (1906)

Philadelphia Athletics - 20 Games (1916)

Philadelphia Athletics - 20 Games (1943)

Montreal Expos - 20 Games (1969)

Boston Beaneaters - 19 Games (1906)

Cincinnati Reds - 19 Games (1914)

Detroit Tigers - 19 Games (1975)

Kansas City Royals - 19 Games (2005)

Baltimore Orioles - 19 Games (2021)