Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson Suspended For Three Games

Chicago White Sox's Tim Anderson was handed a three-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for making a contact with an umpire during the benches-clearing incident in the night inning on Monday in White Sox's game against the Detroit Tigers.

The White Sox's shortstop's suspension was due to start on Wednesday, but Anderson chose to appeal the ban, which is only said to apply to only regular-season games. This spell good news for the Chicago team as they will need all the help they can get to reach a better goal for the postseason, and their leadoff hitter will be pivotal for them.

The benches were cleared at the Comerica Park right after Jose Abreu, who had been hit by a pitch once more for the 21st time this season, slid into the second base.

On Tuesday, Abreu explained to the media that he took an exception when Alex Lange came over to him and started talking after the slide. The player went on to admit that it was his "second angriest moment" in a White Sox jersey.

Speaking to the media, the reigning American League MVP said through interpreter Billy Russo via nz online casinos: "About the slide into second base, I just did what I usually do. I don't think it was anything wrong. That's the way that I play, I've been playing that way for my whole career. There's nothing else to say.

"Even when (Lange) hit me, he didn't apologize or say anything. And that's fine, but then I slid into second base and he started chirping. That's not good, you don't do that. Why are you doing that? You threw the pitch that you're supposed to, apologize or do something. You didn't and then you start talking to me? That's not the way that we play baseball."

Anderson's involvement, however, was not talked about even before the suspension order was taken out on Wednesday, but the focus was placed on teammates like Gavin Sheets and Eloy Jimenez, who took part in restraining an angry Abreu to keep him away from the centre as the benches were being cleared.

A video with Tim Anderson and Umpire Tim Timmons in a scuffle was released on Twitter:

"At that moment, when I slide into second and the benches cleared, it was a really nice moment for me to see the support of my teammates, everybody on the field trying to protect me. That meant a lot," Abreu continued via best au online casino. "It wasn't the best moment or the best action, but that's something that made me feel good and showed everybody how unified we are."

Following the suspension he was handed, Anderson also had his own reaction to it as he tweeted before the start of Wednesday's game.