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Jonathan Lucroy and Jay Bruce launch homers to provide immediate lift to new teams

Well that was fast.

Two teams in contention acquired hitters this trade deadline to plug holes in their lineup. The Mets snagged Jay Bruce from the Reds in the midst of Yoenis Cespedes injuries and Michael Conforto underperformance; Bruce was not acquired for his glove. The Rangers got Jonathan Lucroy for both his offensive and defensive skills.

On Thursday, both hitters gave their new teams a lift with their bats.

Jay Bruce launched a three-run homer that proved the difference-maker against the Yankees in a 4-1 Mets victory:

That home run was Bruce’s first hit as a Met.

Lucroy’s home run did not prove to be the difference maker in a 5-3 Rangers victory, but it was the first run scored of the game. In a fun coincidence, the home run was hit off Wade Miley, whom the Orioles acquired at the trade deadline as well.

It didn’t take long for players swapped at the trade deadline to make a difference for their teams.