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The complicated nature of the Astros’ possible hiring of Dusty Baker

The recent news forces us to reflect on sign-stealing and the Astros, Dusty Baker’s historiography, and racism in MLB. I have a headache already.

A conversation on Chief Wahoo with activist and author Rebecca Nagle

"I would think that in 2020, the idea of not perpetuating racism against a marginalized group would be a good enough reason," Nagle said. She’s right, of course.

The story of Garrison Lassiter is a cautionary tale

Though the lawsuit is easy to mock, seeing how one deals with failure is all too human.

The Cardinals can’t be done

The Cardinals have improved more than the Cubs or Brewers, but that’s not saying much.

We need to talk about Todd Helton

If Larry Walker could make a push, then Helton shouldn’t be far behind him.

The Mike Trout accusation is the end result of baseball conspiracies

When you can’t believe the official story, you’re wont to believe anything.

The curious case of Carlos Beltrán

In the wake of Rob Manfred’s scathing report on the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, the Mets’ skipper stepped down before a single game was played.

Baseball’s sign-stealing is the biggest cheating scandal in a century

In terms of suspensions, pretty high up there. In terms of human cost, likely on the lower end.

An all-too-early look at potential 2020 retirements

The game is getting younger, but put these veterans on your list to see when their teams swing through your city in 2020. It may be your last chance.

The only thing standing in the way of the Mets are themselves

Despite some dynamic talent and a new manager, the core incompetencies remain in place.

Don’t let MLB insult you

Goodbye, and thank you.

Ian Kinsler announces his retirement

In an another era, people would interpret his career much differently.

World Series odds

An all-too-early look at the 2020 World Series odds.

The intertwining paths of Gerrit Cole and Chance Adams

They were destined to be exchanged for one another.

Wade Miley gives the Reds the best rotation in the NL Central

Now about the offense...

The White Sox can’t be finished this offseason

For a fan base languishing for a decade and a half, this should be the start of putting the chips forward.

Madison Bumgarner signs with the Diamondbacks, plus a lefty guessing game!

Can you guess all four pitchers correctly?

The Yankees can single-handedly prevent a work stoppage

Signing Gerrit Cole is a good start.

The Blue Jays dynasty that could have been

No team has drafted more future WAR than the Blue Jays since 2010, but few of those wins made it to Rogers Centre.

Gerrit Cole won’t be overpaid; MLB is just making more money

The record deal will look to blow past deals out of the water, but that’s only because revenue has, too.

Fred Wilpon is on his way out as Mets owner

With the announcement of the Mets new ownership group it’s a dream come true for many fans... but a lesson in being careful what you wish for.

If you had a team full of non-tendered players... many games could you win?

The Cubs hired Craig Driver to fix Willson Contreras’s framing

The Cubs’ new catching coach has a record of success.

All-Thanksgiving 25-man roster

Why not?

Which Marcell Ozuna will a future team acquire?

While considered a slight disappointment in St. Louis, his peripherals show an optimistic projection for 2020.

Resetting the free agent catcher market post-Grandal

With the biggest prize claimed, who remains?

The Yankees (and fans) took all the wrong lessons from Jacoby Ellsbury

In many ways, he was the rallying cry against big contracts. In fact, he’s an argument to go all-in.

What we talk about when we talk about Derek Jeter

We’re through the looking glass of takes.

The BBWAA needs to fix the MVP award

The BBWAA likely enjoys all the attention that the debate over "most valuable" gets, but its divisiveness has been a problem for too long.

Do teams hire managers because of their sign-stealing skills?

Alex Cora and Carlos Beltrán were both members of the 2017 Astros. Now they’re MLB managers. It’s not hard to make the connection.

Jake Odorizzi and José Abreu choose the qualifying offer over free agency

Both decisions highlight problems with the rule.

Every team should be trying to trade for Jon Gray

Reports indicate that he could be available this offseason.