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The show can’t go on

After a week, it’s clear MLB can’t adhere to the health and safety plan.

How to end service time manipulation

There are a lot of options each with their own advantages and drawbacks. None are worse than what’s currently in place.

The emptiness of Rob Manfred

Rob Manfred is the Commissioner of Baseball, but other than being a willing lapdog for ownership he presents an entirely empty personality.

On loyalty

The bonds that fans makes with their team are often indelible and MLB exploits that.

The shortened draft will have lasting harm

The five-round draft will create fewer opportunities and a weaker talent pool.

Major League Baseball has reached its moral nadir

Black Lives Matter.

The tune may change but the song never ends

Now that there are losses to be had, they must go around to all parties?

What we lose in losing the World Baseball Classic

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but other countries have way more fun with it.

The 2020 season should kick off with the All-Star Game (if it’s safe to do so)

And IF there is a season, of course.

The legacy of Ryan Braun

Fans outside of Milwaukee hate Ryan Braun but Milwaukee fans love him. Braun’s legacy is complicated no matter how you look at it.

Odrisamer Despaigne: Opening Day starter

Odrisamer Despaigne’s fascinating journey takes him to South Korea.

The greatness of Mike Trout

Mike Trout is one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball. We get to see him play and that is something we need to better appreciate.

By serving only the interests of billionaire owners, Rob Manfred is killing baseball

It’s time for a truly neutral Commissioner of Major League Baseball, which means Rob Manfred has to go

Red Sox escape punishment for sign stealing

Two of the last three World Series champions have been caught cheating, and the punishments do nothing to deter it.

Future Value provides an interesting, comprehensive look into the worlds of scouting and baseball operations

Longenhagen and McDaniel put together what is a must-read for anyone who wants to get into scouting, while also being useful for those who want to work in baseball in other capacities.

Could baseball benefit from adding catch-up mechanics?

Blowouts are boring to the impartial observer, so let’s ruin baseball to keep these games close.

Why I’m Proud

Gladly handing over the torch of BTBS in the age of corona.

There’s no loyalty in baseball

It’s abundantly clear that MLB teams no longer feel beholden to reward their fans’ loyalty

Clayton Kershaw took the brunt of the Astros sign-stealing

Clayton Kershaw had a chance to change his playoff narrative, but the Astros sign-stealing stood in his way

The Yankees should rightfully be worried about Giancarlo Stanton’s health

Stanton’s tenure with the Yankees could end up being a complicated situation.

The Astros continue to skirt responsibility

In many different ways the Houston Astros continue to refuse to own up to their cheating ways

The Astros alienated a minor league superfan

The Corpus Christi Hooks are taking short term actions to hurt their team in the long run

The Yankees’ loss of Luis Severino is more important than one would think

Another season without Severino would effectively put the now-bolstered rotation in a holding pattern.

The Athletics are making it harder to listen to their games

A’s games won’t be broadcast locally on the radio in 2020, and the alternative leaves low-income fans behind.

No one believes a word Rob Manfred is saying

Each successive statement suspends disbelief.

The lasting legacy of Tony Fernández

Rest in peace.

Rob Manfred’s sign-stealing report pits the union against itself

Rob Manfred used nine pages to lay all the blame for the Astros’ sign-stealing at the feet of the players

Who wants to steal White Sox tickets?

A Chicago trio spent four years stealing White Sox tickets, but the Sox are stealing more than that

Max Muncy’s extension helps the argument for new service time rules

With incredible production at such a late age, it shows how an age-based service time could make more sense.

Even for teams with money, the strategy is to act like the Rays

For a team in a unique circumstance financially, other teams actually find the simplicity enviable.

The lies MLB owners tell

MLB owners are lying about the Houston Plan.

The Pirates will never win if they never spend

Bob Nutting’s efforts to keep payroll low have helped no one but him and the rest of ownership.


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