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Opinion & Editorial

The Padres already have an ace in Dinelson Lamet

The 2020 Cy Young winner is already in San Diego

MLB needs to suspend Jeff Luhnow

Luhnow’s reckless pattern of misbehavior needs to be curtailed.

The White Sox have an interesting offseason ahead of them

The rebuild might finally be coming together, but the White Sox will need a productive winter if they want to contend in 2020.

There are too many good third basemen right now

This is bad news for Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson, and Mike Moustakas.

What is next for the Red Sox?

Self-imposed financial constraints are going to force the team make some very hard choices.

It doesn’t matter if owners say the magic word of “collusion”

Trying to pinpoint precise language is actually an obfuscation of the real conflict.

World Series MVP Strasburg opts out, Arrieta and Martínez do not

Arrieta’s and J.D.’s decisions make perfect sense, but Strasburg’s is more interesting.

Plenty of teams should be interested in Yasmani Grandal

But will they?

MLB needs a salary floor

The next CBA should require each team to spend at least $120 million on player payroll

We are all Deadspin now

In a world of increasingly homogenized content, we have to take the Beyond in Beyond the Box Score seriously.

How the Astros can be stopped

The Astros are early favorites for the 2020 World Series, but is what they’ve built sustainable?

It sure looks like Cleveland would rather trade Francisco Lindor than pay him

Lindor might be on the move this offseason because Cleveland would rather save money than win.

The Pirates continue to clean house by firing Neal Huntington

Huntington is not blameless for the Pirates’ recent woes, but his hands were tied by an owner who refuses to spend.

MLB doesn’t care if you watch a full nine-inning playoff game

Late start times and way-too-long game lengths make it difficult for most fans to stay awake.

Private equity is coming for baseball next

Leveraged investments in baseball teams are a huge red flag.

The Cardinals devil magic ran out

St. Louis suffered an embarrassing defeat, but they should still be proud of this season.

Do the Nationals (or Astros!) have the best “Big Three” ever?

Two great pitching trios remain in the playoffs.

We are currently watching a different sport

Come October, we virtually stepped through a portal.

The decreasing qualifying offer is a bigger problem than it seems

It’s a bad indication for the offseason to come.

Tommy Edman is a surprising source of value

Edman has been excelling in all facets of the game.

The Twins’ excellent regular season ends in another disappointing playoff exit

Now the team needs to look toward a critical offseason in order to leverage the talented core and weak division.

Dumb things baseball execs have said lately— a ranking

Some baseball folks would be better off just not speaking at all.

Trent Grisham had the most costly muff in playoff history

Most of them are actually quite misunderstood.

Marcus Semien joins “The 162 Club”

Some players interpret "everyday" literally.

Two fresh arms have bolstered the A’s bullpen

Two of the A’s top pitching prospects are providing help out of the bullpen.

Eduardo Rodríguez has had a strange season

Rodríguez certainly had a good season no matter what stats you look at, but his bWAR is much higher than his fWAR and WARP.

The Phillies won the offseason, but that’s it

Injuries marred the season, but Philadelphia had few contingency plans.

What is the next move for the Chicago Cubs?

With a disappointing 2019 nearly behind them, 2020 does not have to look the same.

The Padres fired Andy Green just before the happy ending

What’s the point of firing the manager right at the end of a rebuild?

Appreciating the recent dominance of Homer Bailey’s splitter

The offering has been unhittable recently.

This is no longer a down year for Eugenio Suárez

Suárez already broke the single season home run record for Venezuelan players, and he may lead all of baseball when the season is through.

Applying to the Phillies’ job postings

Taking a swing at some baseball brainteasers!