The Cubs Should Use Pitchers In The Field

The Cubs have late-inning problems, even though their early relief is decent. Once the SP is out, they look OK. Montgomery or Duensing come out for the 6th or 7th and shut down the opponent. Then, here comes Hector Rondon, or next year maybe Pedro Strop, and the game is ruined. Here's my solution.

Consider this scenario. The Cubs are playing the Reds at Wrigley and it's the top of the 6th. There's two outs, and Jose Quintana walks Eugenio Suarez. Now, Quintana is a little tired. Here's where the strategy comes in. Scooter Genett is coming up. A LHB, he will likely pull it to right. Now, take Kyle Schwarber out and put in Jose Quintana in Left Field. Now, in Schwarber's 5-spot, put in Mike Montgomery or Eddie Butler. Maybe even Morrow.

In the 7th inning, Montgomery/Butler will be done. Who can we trust in the bullpen to set up the 8th, still with no proper setup man? Jose Quintana. Call him in from left, and his arm is rested by now. Let him set things up. Swing swing swing. Inning over. In comes morrow. Fly the W. Go cubs go!

Do you like this idea?