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Marty’s musings: LDS edition

Strange games over the weekend but zero sweeps in the LDS.

The Yankees boom-or-bust roster earned them an early playoff exit

Boston dominated the Yankees in the wild card game. Turns out over relying on homers doesn’t work against good pitching.

Marty’s musings: the playoff field is set

We know the matchups now, and despite no game 163, we’re in for quite a week of baseball.

The path to the postseason

Breaking down every series to watch, and every team’s path to the playoffs heading into the last week of the season.

Marty’s musings: most divisions are wrapped, but there’s plenty more to decide

The AL wild card and NL West are still up for grabs heading into the last week of the season.

MVP candidate Bryce Harper is doing what he can to help the Phillies reach the postseason

Bryce Harper is posting one of his best seasons. Will it be enough to deliver the Phillies their first playoff berth since 2011?

Marty’s musings: it’s pennant race time

And down the stretch they come...

Morning mound visit: have we finally reached the plateauing of infield shifts?

And a prospect to watch coming out of the Dominican Republic.

Morning mound visit: Mets in the news...again

Can the Mets go one day without a controversy?

Morning mound visit: how the Giants continue to impress

The Giants have been in first place for over three months.