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AL Central Predictions

Projections give the White Sox a comfortable advantage, but the offseason is far from over.

Marty’s musings: The free agent floodgates are open

With the lockout over, it is now a sprint to fill out rosters and sign free agents.

Is 2022 the year that Joe Girardi gets the Phillies back to the playoffs? 

Blown saves were the hallmark of the 2021 Phillies, but their bullpen additions so far leave much to be desired.

Marty’s musings: prepare for a tidal wave of transactions

After a near-100 day lockout, there’s lots to do before Opening Day.

NL East Predictions

Can Atlanta run it back or will the Mets overcome their chronic Metsness? Do the Phillies or Marlins have a shot?

Unless Boston spends big, their luck will likely run out in 2022

By spending on some free agents post-lockout, the Red Sox can make-or-break their 2022. They are much more likely to go cheap than to go big.

AL East Predictions

BtBS staff predicts the winner of the most hotly contested division in Major League Baseball

Ryan Zimmerman’s retirement ends connections to the Nats’ early-days

With Ryan Zimmerman’s retirement baseball loses another of a dying breed: the one-franchise player.

Marty’s musings: delayed Spring Training looms

We’re on the cusp of Spring Training with no deal in sight.

David Ortiz is the lone inductee into the Hall of Fame class of 2022

Despite PED controversy and borderline numbers, David Ortiz has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.