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Marty’s musings: the stove is red-hot

With a potential labor stoppage looming, teams are scrambling to sign free agents this week.

Coming off a career year Nick Castellanos is going to get paid

Reds’ slugger Nick Castellanos’ opt-out came at exactly the right time.

Javier Báez may be the sneaky-good pick for middle-infield suitors

Javy Báez’ resurgence in New York positions him as a top-dozen free agent in this year’s class.

Will Toronto take the plunge on a multi-year Robbie Ray deal?

From a 6+ ERA in 2020 to a Cy Young finalist in 2021,, Robbie Ray is a free agent with considerable upside.

Marty’s musings: Atlanta takes down Houston and a major retirement announcement from San Francisco

Atlanta brings home a championship led by a most unlikely World Series MVP.

Jorge Soler’s unlikely rise from deadline addition to World Series MVP

From scrap-heap trade deadline add to World Series MVP, Jorge Soler’s last 100 days demonstrates why there’s so much to love about baseball.

Marty’s musings: Atlanta’s well-positioned heading into Game Six

With favorable pitching matchups in Games Six and Seven, this is Atlanta’s World Series to lose.

Like it or not, the Astros are probably going to win the 2021 World Series

The Astros are a much better team in comparison to the Braves. A look at how Houston is likely to defeat Atlanta.

Two walk-offs in two days in the NLCS, and a competitive ALCS heading into game three

For the second consecutive year, the Braves are up 2-0 against the Dodgers in the NLCS.

The White Sox dominated the AL Central, but the Astros made short-work of them in the ALDS

The White Sox cruised to an AL Central pennant but were bounced easily by Houston in the ALDS.