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Marty’s musings: it’s pennant race time

And down the stretch they come...

Morning mound visit: have we finally reached the plateauing of infield shifts?

And a prospect to watch coming out of the Dominican Republic.

Morning mound visit: Mets in the news...again

Can the Mets go one day without a controversy?

Morning mound visit: how the Giants continue to impress

The Giants have been in first place for over three months.

Morning mound visit: Salvador Perez is mashing

The Royals’ lost season isn’t a lost season for veteran backstop Salvador Perez.

Marty’s musings: two AL East teams put up radically different streaks

The Yankees put on an impressive winning streak over the last few weeks while the Orioles have done the opposite.

Joey Votto’s hitting the ball harder than ever

Joey Vott’s resurgence has helped make the Reds playoff contenders heading into September.

Marty’s musings: milestones and pennant races

Miguel Cabrera joins the elite 500 home run club and Joey Votto gets hit number 2,000.

Marty’s musings: a classic in the corn

The Field of Dreams game went off impeccably.

Chris Davis is retiring from baseball

This past Thursday Chris Davis announced his retirement a year before his contract ended.