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Morning Mound Visit: Buck O’Neil, Minnie Miñoso, and Gil Hodges finally receive Hall of Fame Induction

Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, and Bud Fowler also received induction.

Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: On Sunday, Buck O’Neil, Minnie Miñoso, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, and Bud Fowler finally received induction into the Hall of Fame. While the Early Baseball and Golden Days Era committees righted several wrongs this weekend, the results were also a reminder of the short shrift given to Dick Allen who missed induction by one vote.

Sean Bavazzano | MLB Trade Rumors: The Mets were in the middle of a successful offseason before the owners locked the players out, but the team in Queens is still without a manager. Among the candidates to try to lead the next great Mets team are Buck Showalter, Don Kelly, Matt Quatraro, and Brad Ausmus.

Dayn Perry | CBS Sports: Last week, Rob Manfred penned a letter to baseball fans that was chock full of lies. The commissioner’s attempt to carry water for the owner’s agenda was laden with misinformation. Dayn Perry provides a point-by-point fact check of Manfred’s missive.