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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 6/22/19

The ZiPS AL update; Ryu’s remarkable year; the best staffs in baseball

New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Dan Szymborski: You know what’s crazy? Projections are actually fairly accurate! Despite how people complain year after year that you can’t “predict” the results, and we know this isn’t a prediction, per se, the results have been mostly as expected in the American League via ZiPS. The Twins have been the surprise, and every other team is fairly within the margin of their expected total.

The Ringer | Michael Baumann: Clayton Kershaw isn’t Clayton Kershaw anymore, but do you know who is? Hyun-Jin Ryu. Ryu leads baseball with a 1.26 ERA, and his ERA+ is the highest single-season mark in baseball history if it holds. He has walked just five batters in 14 starts. Even though this has been a long time coming since coming over from South Korea, his immense fame in that nation means that maybe we should have seen it on the horizon all along.

ESPN Insider | Dan Szymborski ($): W’re double-dipping (double-ZiPS-ing?) with Dan this morning, and this time ranking major league pitching staffs. The Yankees get the top nod for an elite bullpen and serviceable rotation, followed by the Astros, Rays, and Dodgers. Last place is, shockingly, the Orioles.