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Beyond the Box Score Chicago Meetup — Feb. 1

Come drink with us and talk baseball!

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League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game Five Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Ever wanted to meet up with some baseball geeks and talk baseball? Well, now’s your chance!

We’ve been doing these once a month, all year now. Usually, they’re the first Friday after the 15th of the month, but we decided to move them around. We figured this would be a good way to end the year.

As always, this is 21 and over. This is a tap room within a beer store, so grab a bottle or come enjoy beers on tap. It closes at 10, so we’ll likely be relocating afterwards.


Bitter Pops

Thursday, February 1st, 7:00 p.m.

Anthony Rescan, Beyond the Box Score and Baseball Prospectus

Rob Arthur, FiveThirtyEight

Dayn Perry, CBS Sports

Craig Edwards, Fangraphs

Matt Dennewitz, Pitchfork and Baseball Prospectus

Stan Slater, Intelligentsia

Anthony Rescan is a Featured Writer at Beyond the Box Score and a Stats Intern at Baseball Prospectus. You can follow him on Twitter at @AnthonyRescan.