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Mike Trout is well on his way to the 500 home run club

Mike Trout just hit his 150th career home run, but how does he compare with the members of the 500 HR club?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Last week Mike Trout, still only 24, hit his 150th career home run off Dallas Keuchel.

Trout accomplished this through his first 3,087 plate appearances. 150 career home runs and only 24 years old, Trout has a pretty good shot at the magic number of 500 career home runs. Say what you want about PED users ruining the sanctity of the 500 home run club, but it still is an elite club dominated by all-time greats.

In order to add another element to how impressive Mike Trout is, let’s take a look at how Trout lines up with every member of the 500 HR club through roughly their first 3,087 PA. Active players are in bold and stats are as of May 31st.

Player Age Plate Appearances Home Runs Career HR Total
Barry Bonds 26 3086 119 762
Hank Aaron 24 3088 138 755
Babe Ruth 27 3085 195 714
Alex Rodriguez 24 3084 163 693
Willie Mays 26 3086 178 660
Ken Griffey Jr. 23 3088 130 630
Jim Thome 27 3086 162 612
Sammy Sosa 26 3085 131 609
Frank Robinson 24 3087 161 586
Mark McGwire 27 3088 176 583
Harmon Killebrew 26 3088 155 573
Albert Pujols 25 3087 181 571
Rafael Palmeiro 27 3085 78 569
Reggie Jackson 26 3087 155 563
Manny Ramirez 26 3089 164 555
Mike Scmhidt 27 3088 163 548
Mickey Mantle 24 3089 145 536
Jimmie Fox 24 3087 159 534
Willie McCovey 28 3089 179 521
Frank Thomas 27 3089 158 521
Ted Williams 27 3087 155 521
Ernie Banks 27 3090 169 512
Eddie Matthews 24 3090 188 511
Mel Ott 23 3090 136 511
Gary Sheffield 27 3089 118 509
David Ortiz 29 3089 142 506
Eddie Murray 25 3089 129 504
Mike Trout 24 3087 150

First, no matter how great any player today is and will be, it amazes me how great Babe Ruth was. I wish I could have had the honor to watch him play. Almost 200 home runs through his first 3,087 plate appearances is about a home run every 15 plate appearances. Include the fact Ruth was a pitcher and played part-time for the first five years of his career, and his numbers are even more staggering.

Now back to Mike Trout. As you can see Trout is ahead of some pretty impressive names, including the all-time home run king Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Ken Griffey Jr. Hank Aaron, the same age as Trout through his first 3,087 plate appearances, is behind Trout by 12 home runs. Aaron and Trout are two different types of hitters, but it is still quite a feat to be ahead of the man who eventually passed Babe Ruth to become the all-time home run king for 33 years.

One player whose age and home runs through 3,087 PA closely match is a player to whom many compare Trout: Mickey Mantle.

Both players through their first 3,087 plate appearances were 24 years old, and the home run total is just about even with Trout hitting 150 and Mantle hitting 145 home runs. Unfortunately injuries to his knee took away the power and ability for Mantle to hit more than the 536 career home runs. Hoping the same does not happen to Mike Trout, how high can he go on the career home run list?

Using Baseball Reference’s 162 game average, let’s try and arbitrarily project Trout’s career home run total. Currently, Trout is hitting a home run every 20.4 plate appearances. Assuming Trout reaches his 162 game average of 715 plate appearances, he would finish with 35 home runs this season and a career total of 174 home runs.

Now let’s assume he continues this pace through 2024, his age 32 season, and hits on average 35 home runs. Of course he probably will hit more than 35 in some seasons over the course of the next eight seasons, but on average we will assume it is 35. That leaves Trout with 450 career home runs.

If Trout were to play five more seasons and retire at 37 years old, having averaged 25 home runs a season over the course of his final five seasons, he would finish his career with 575 home runs. Right now that would place him 11th, but assuming his teammate Albert Pujols passes Mark McGwire for 10th on the all-time list and Miguel Cabrera finishes with more than 575, Trout would finish 12th on the all-time home run list.


Carl Triano is a contributor to Beyond the Box Score.