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Morning Mound Visit: Hawkeye allows new insight into the physics of pitching

Move over Magnus force; What could Jerry Dipoto do?; Hope for minor leaguers

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Barton Smith, Alan Nathan, and Harry Pavlidis | Baseball Prospectus: Students of pitch design are likely familiar with Magnus force—the phenomenon that lets high-spin fastballs resist sinking—but the switch to Hawkeye has given new insights on the physics of pitched balls. Seam-shifted wake could tell us so much more about movement.

Joe E. Doyle | Lookout Landing: The offseason is going to be slow to develop, so why not wile away the time with trade proposals? In this, Jerry Dipoto of the Mariners takes a chance on Kyle Freeland who has been up and down the last few seasons.

Marc Normandin | Defector: Recently, the Supreme Court rejected MLB’s request to dismiss the class action status of a lawsuit filed against them by minor leaguers. Senne v. MLB aims to fairly compensate minor-league baseball players, and this could be a major boon for thousands of underpaid athletes.