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Morning Mound Visit: A MLBPA grievance is still on the table

The leverage the union has; a low number of qualifying offers; the Wilpons also screwed up their return on investment

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cuban National Team - Major League Baseball En La Habana

Marc Normandin | The MLBPA is still considering filing a grievance against the league for not making its best efforts to play as many games as possible in 2020. Marc Normandin breaks down what that could mean for the sport going forward—the last time a grievance this large was filed we got the Rockies and Marlins—and how this might impact the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations.

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: Only six qualifying offers were extended before Sunday’s deadline which is the fewest since the system was put in place in 2012. With fewer teams willing to give one-year deals of $10+ million, this is yet another sign that we’re due for a slow offseason.

Rob Mains | Baseball Prospectus $: The sale of the Mets has been approved and barring catastrophe, the Wilpons era is over. MLB owners have enjoyed disproportionate returns, but Rob Mains estimates that the Wilpons screwed that up, too.