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The Shift Episode 1: Wheeling and dealing

A new episode of Beyond the Box Score's podcast, The Shift, talking about rumored trades and fielding independent pitching.

Karen Luciano - SwB RailRiders

If you missed the news last week, Beyond the Box Score has launched a new podcast called The Shift, and this morning we bring you the show's first official episode. Neil Weinberg joined Bryan Grosnick and I to chat about some of the more interesting trade rumors floating around the internet right now. Then, the three of us all took a crack at making up our own fake trades, and we finished by talking a little bit about the importance of FIP, and how it can help you in evaluating pitchers. And as you'll see below, we're now on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe and never miss a new episode!

On this show we discussed:

  • The Jose Bautista for Dominic Brown rumor
  • David Freese's current market value
  • The Orioles' chances to contend in 2014
  • Fielding independent pitching theory and DIPS theory


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