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It's Time We Update Our Toolbox. What goes in?

Unless you landed at Beyond the Box Score via a search for "sports and nerds," you probably already understand that a saber-slanted baseball community occasionally requires a set of accepted and widely-used or needed tools. Thankfully we have just such a place to store those tools, right under our twitter links on the front page.

It's generally been ignored for the past year, but no longer. The sabersphere has coalesced enough that we all more or less know each other, read each other, and link to each other pretty much every single day. That's just how we roll. With that in mind, it's time we build BtB's little toolbox (currently titled BtB Links) into something more useful for the daily reader.

That's where you come in. I'd like to keep the toolbox to 10 or 15 items that absolutely every saber-ist-matician needs: Glossary (Slowinski's SaberLibrary will be useful). Lineup Optimization tools. How-to guides. And yes, it's time BtB links some to some of its indispensable friends that we should all be reading every day.  

Not everything will make it. Some things will be added, then removed if required. It's also possible we discover something that hasn't quite been filled, yet -- and maybe that will point us in the direction we need to look next.

Make your recommendations now. What absolutely must go into the daily sabermetrician's toolbox?