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Learning R

Learning R: On a quest to calculate the odds of 400/400

Simulating a season is easy enough, but simulating a career gets a little trickier.

Learning R: Calculating the odds of .400

Showing my math from an earlier post.

Learning R: A losing team wins the World Series

Congratulations to the 29-31 Milwaukee Brewers on their championship season!

Learning R: Expanded playoffs

Expanding the playoffs will let in worse teams, but how much worse could they be?

Learning R: Rubber ducking

Sometimes, slowing down and taking a step back is necessary.

Learning R: Compatibility issues

For once, the constant error messages weren’t the result of user error. (Probably.)

Learning R: Diving back in

After a week away, all this code looks like gobbeldygook.

Learning R: Barry Bonds was still incredible at 0-2

At 0-2 Bonds was as good as a mortal hitter at 2-0.

Learning R: Revisiting a claim with better data

Everyone thinks their team is horrible with the bases loaded, nobody out. Which fan base is justified?

Learning R: I was told there would be no math

Turns out code knowledge is only half the battle.

Learning R: On your marks, get set, mutate

Started coding, had a break down. Bon appétit.