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Basic Sabermetrics

Appreciating Francisco Liriano’s volatile 2016

How did Francisco Liriano nearly cut his ERA in half after his trade from Pittsburgh to Toronto?

Edwin Díaz has placed himself among the elite

The touted Mariners prospect has proven himself worthy of his quick promotion.

Justin Verlander, the best pitcher in the AL

Over the last calendar year, Justin Verlander again leads the American League with 5.7 fWAR. How did this happen?

Call it a comeback: Sabathia among other rebounds

The Yankees' former ace has begun 2016 with a strong start - how unprecedented is his apparent resurgence?

The 2015 Silver Slugger Awards, by the numbers

With the announcement of the 2015 Silver Slugger Award winners on Thursday, take a look at how close they matched the advanced metrics.

Examining the 2015 Diamondbacks' rare feat

The 2015 Diamondbacks featured two players producing at least six wins, and won only 79 games - how unusual is that?

The stories that "story stats" don't tell

"Story stats" identify and measure high leverage situations, but there are high-leverage situations that exist independent of wins and losses.

Let's not use OPS any more!

A quick review of why OPS isn't the best way to judge a player's overall offensive ability.

The second half's best hitters

Joey Votto is Superman and other nuggets of information from the second half's ten best hitters.

Lineup Protection Exists, Doesn't

The idea of lineup protection is a site where inherited wisdom clashes with sabermetric analysis, but neither side is wrong about it.

Kill the win

The pitching win is essentially dead as a meaningful statistic, and this posts explains why.

When switch hitting becomes a detriment

Switch hitting isn't always a virtue, some players would benefit from concentrating on their better side.

The effect of a good bullpen in one-run games

Elite relief pitchers like the pictured Wade Davis do little to affect a teams' fortunes in one-run games.

Jake McGee, predictable and dominant

There are no gimmicks with Jake McGee. Hitters know what's coming but McGee beats them anyway.

Piecing the Jays Together for their Playoff Push

The Blue Jays were quiet at the trade deadline. But they are due to get a few injured starters back. Here we take a look at how the Jays can best use their resources to continue the playoff push.

Why is PITCHf/x important

A look into what else PITCHf/x can tell us and why it's so important to our understanding of the game. It's more than just numbers, it's about getting inside of pitchers' heads and seeing what they're thinking on the mound

Updating the Intentional Walk Rage Scale (IWRS)

The Intentional Walk Rage Scale (IWRS) leaderboard is updated with all of the intentional walks from the first half of the 2014 season.

Danny Duffy is a fun topic at saber parties

Danny Duffy is exciting Royals fans. His 4-6 record is offset by a 2.80 ERA. What do the saber people say?

How to evaluate a pitcher, sabermetrically

Advanced stats might seem like a complicated foreign language, but becoming conversational is actually very easy. Learn how to analyze a pitcher's numbers.

How to evaluate a hitter, sabermetrically

Advanced stats might seem like a complicated foreign language, but becoming conversational is actually very easy. Learn how to analyze a hitter's numbers.

Basic Sabermetrics: WAR

No statistic seems to create more confusion, discussion, and aggravation than wins above replacement (WAR). There are plenty of misconceptions to clear up about the framework for one (or three) of baseball's most-discussed metrics.

Basic Sabermetrics: WPA

Continuing the Basic Sabermetrics series, we're looking at a statistic used to examine the story of a game: Win Probability Added.

Basic Sabermetrics: FIP

As part of BtBS's mission to bring objective analysis to the masses, we're introducing our Basic Sabermetrics series! We start with Fielding Independent Pitching.


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