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Episode 30: In Play, the Hall of Fame and AL West

Join us as we discuss the final HOF voting totals, the AL West, and some of the larger signings of the past week.

Cleveland Indians v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Happy Monday, everyone! Start your week off right with a new episode of In Play, Pod(cast). Host Evan Davis (BtBS, FanRag Sports, THT) and co-host Nick Stellini (BtBS, FanGraphs) discuss the HOF announcement, the outlook for the AL West, and some of the bigger signings of the week.

Also, as Evan and Nick said, here is a link to the SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards page. Our Managing Editor Henry Druschel was nominated for his piece on small market teams, and R.J. Anderson, a BtBS-alum and friend of the show, was nominated for his profile of the brilliant Jonathan Judge over at CBS Sports. Be sure to give both a read, as well as all of the other great nominated pieces, if you haven’t already.

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