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In Play, Pod(cast) Episode 1: In the beginning, there was A.J. Ellis and a bunch of wildcards

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Hello, fellow readers and baseball fans alike! Earlier this month, much of the staff here at Beyond the Box Score expressed a great amount of interest in re-starting a podcast. Looking at the amount of interest, it was really cool to see all the people that wanted to have a hand in showcasing more than just our ability to write words to the general public. Couple that with the fact that I had more than enough downtime necessary as a result of recovering from Tommy John surgery, and wallah! In Play, Pod(cast) was born. Thank you to Bryan Grosnick, Neil Weinberg, and Kevin Ruprecht for allowing me to take the reins!

We have worked hard the last few weeks to utilize the truly remarkable amount of talent we showcase here at BtBS. Evan Davis (Beyond the Box Score, Today's Knuckleball) will play the role of our main host. We also have four hosts that make up a 'rotating host' group that will cycle through the show. Making up this group is Steven Martano (BtBS, The Hardball Times, Purple Row), Rob Rogacki (BtBS, Bless You Boys), Nick Stellini (BtBS, Baseball Prospectus), and Joe Vasile (BtBS, Salem Red Sox). Each show will also feature a third guest slot. In addition to that, we have a strong team running things behind the scenes. Including myself, our production team consists of Chris Anders, Bryan Grosnick, Jen Mac Ramos, Ronnie Socash, Nick Stellini, and Joe Vasile.

In Play, Pod(cast) will allow us to showcase not only the opinions of our saber-slanted baseball community, but it will also allow us to showoff our many personalities that come off even better through the airwaves. We'll release an episode every Monday (I know, today is Tuesday, blame technology), so look for us to liven up your Monday's!

In the meantime, here is our very first episode which features Matt Jackson (BtBS), as well as the aforementioned Evan Davis and Rob Rogacki. In said episode Evan, Rob, and Matt discuss the heart-wrenching A.J. Ellis trade (a discussion Matt Jackson has an interesting, 'going away to college' take on) and how the AL Wildcard picture will shake out. Check it out:

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