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Sabersphere 1/30: VOTE BtB! Clifford, Barry Bonds, Astros

Today's Sabersphere encourages you to vote BtB, and incudes Clifford, Barry Bonds, and the Houston Astros' rebuilding process.

Nick Laham

Stop what you're doing, and go vote for Glenn DuPaul and Lewie Pollis of Beyond the Box Score in the SABR Analytics Research Awards!

Bill Petti of Fangraphs uses his Clifford system to look at some players who may be due to regress in 2013: Cano, Granderson, and Other CLIFFORD Candidates for 2013

I recently wrote about my attempt to design an indicator that would predict when players were at a higher risk for having a collapse-type year. I named the metric CLIFFORD, referring to the fact that players identified by it were at risk of falling off a cliff offensively. My inspiration was Adam Dunn and his disastrous 2011, in which his wOBA declined by .113.

Geoff Young of Baesball Prospectus looks at Barry Bonds: Pass the Bonds, Please

You may know Barry Bonds by the number 762. Something to do with home runs.

While the people who decide such things try to make sense of his legacy, here's another number: 688. That's how many intentional walks Bonds drew in his career.

Every year from 1991 to 2007 (except 1999 and 2005), Bonds finished first or second in the National League in that category. He led the league 12 times, including once for seven straight seasons.

Jeff Moore of The Hardball Times writes how Houston has rebuilt the right way: Houston Astros show how to rebuild the right way

It's been a long way down for the Houston Astros, and it's still going to be a long road back up to the top, but the rebuilding process is being done properly, and that should be a silver lining to fans who prepare to suffer through what may be the most excruciating season yet.

Today's BtB Retro comes from Dan Scotto, who explored Paul DePodesta's tenure as Dodgers GM: The DePodesta Saga (10/31/05)

I'm sure that the DePodesta firing will be analyzed and criticized ad nauseum by many stat-type sites.

But I figured that we should join in.