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Giants find replacement for Kevin Gausman in Carlos Rodón

The Giants desperately needed one more starter and they got the best available free agent.

MLB and MLBPA agree to deal; lockout to end

The CBA still needs to be ratified, but that’s considered a formality at this point.

Coaching Carousel? Yes.

New York Mets just stole a Yankee hire

Interview with Rapsodo GM, Art Chou

The rise of technology in MLB player development is changing the sport's landscape.

Dodgers hand Mookie Betts a 12-year, $365 million extension

It’s great for the Dodgers, it’s great for Mookie Betts, and it’s downright embarrassing for the Red Sox.

Players to report July 1, health concerns still being discussed

Games will be played if it’s safe to do so. That’s a big if.

The Mets bring back Carlos Beltrán as their new manager

The Mets will benefit from a Spanish-speaking manager, but Beltrán has no coaching experience at the professional level.

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/10/18

Francisco Lindor and baby powder; baseball, knitting, and acceptance in Seattle; rewriting defense all over the diamond

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/9/18

Giancarlo legging out singles; Cahill leading the A’s; Calhoun’s return to dominance; Venters back in Atlanta

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/8/18

To heckle or not to heckle; Mike Fiers to the A’s; a baseball superteam; Cleveland’s playoff push

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/7/18

Increased extra innings; the magnificent Juan Soto; Matt Davidson K’s Giancarlo Stanton; remembering the 2011 Red Sox collapse

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/3/18

Matt Chapman’s brilliance; Ronald Acuña on a tear; Jacob deGrom’s annihilation of opposing pitchers

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/2/18

How to acquire stars; evaluating stats; pitchers in the NL MVP race; the ten worst players of July

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 8/1/18

Something we MUST discuss; traded prospects; winners and losers; winners and losers; winners and....

Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 7/31/18

Zero tolerance doesn’t mean zero; bold trade predictions; Yankees thriving and collapsing simultaneously; baseball in 1968

James Paxton’s no-hitter might be exactly what the Mariners’ southpaw needs

After following up a 16 strikeout gem with a no-hitter, James Paxton is pushing himself into the next echelon of major league starters

The White Sox are the kings of pre-arb extensions

Tim Anderson’s deal is the latest in a series of very team-friendly contracts the White Sox have handed out to young players recently.

Indians sign Edwin Encarnacion to a surprisingly practical contract

The Edwing is flying south this winter.

Gary Sanchez's debut has been glorious for Yankee fans

The future is here in New York.

Zach Britton is not the best reliever candidate for AL Cy Young

Besides the fact that he's not the best reliever in the AL, talk of Britton’s candidacy has highlighted the problem with the existing reliever awards.

Marty's Musings: dog days of summer

It was an emotional week in baseball with ARod’s last game in pinstripes and Prince Fielder’s last game ever.

Baseball is not finished with Jonathan Papelbon

More than a few contending teams have a place for the veteran closer.

Alex Rodriguez, all by himself

A generational talent leaves the game to relative silence.

A look back at the one-sided Carlos Gomez trade

On July 30, 2015, the Astros acquired Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers for Josh Hader, Brett Phillips, Adrian Houser, and Domingo Santana. A year later, they likely regret their decision.

Prince Fielder's too-early exit hits hard

The sad news about Prince Fielder is a throwback to an earlier time.

Is Mark Teixeira worthy of Cooperstown?

Teixeira combined offense and defense at first base like few have, but the position has some all-time great hitters to compete with.

Saying goodbye to Tex

A Mark Teixeira retrospective

Brewers begin building with promotion of Arcia

With the unforced promotion of the organization's top prospect, are the Brewers preparing to open their competitive window sooner than expected?

Giants and Rays may both win in the Matt Moore deal

Matt Moore is going to the Giants for the stretch run and beyond and the Rays added a collection of young talent, but did both teams win in this deal?

Ervin Santana probably does have some trade value

The Twins' starter, and his contract, are probably more valuable than most fans would assume.

Marty's Musings: Hall of Fame edition

A flamethrowing closer moves towns, a longtime GM is fired, and Chris Sale chops up some laundry.

Contextualizing the Pomeranz/Espinoza trade

Anderson Espinoza might be a top pitching prospect, but he's meaningfully different than his peers, and we shouldn't forget that when considering this trade.


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