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The Braves vs. Cardinals "Infield Fly Rule In The Outfield" Diagram

There are a certain few plays that will live within the halls of baseball lore, whispered about in shame, and argued over for years to come. This is one of them. This is The Infield Fly Rule In The Outfield.

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Justin Bopp - Vox Media

It's been little more than twenty four hours since the already-infamous call, but it might as well have been years for all the words and emotions and arguments and counterarguments and clarifications and everything else already spent on this game.

This time it wasn't just a blown call or a tough-but-correct reading of the rules, this was the end of a season for the Atlanta Braves in MLB's very first Wild Card game. Clearly this is a play that will be remembered forever. Braves fans: never forget what might have been!

I won't spill too many more words out here to describe what surely we've all seen at this point, but here's a few links that will help you get up to speed if somehow you discover this post in the future:

Now that you're up to speed, here's the diagram that makes reading all of the above hopefully pointless:


While this is obviously just for fun, you can find this and all my ridiculous baseball play diagrams at my little hobby shop. If you're a Braves fan, tweet me and I'll try to get it to you for cost. I mean, you've suffered enough, right?