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Podcast Episode 2: "The Mysterious Text Message"


Podcast Features: Dave Gershman and Matt Klaassen

This week featuring extended interviews with:

  • Mike Petriello -- of Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness, Baseball Prospectus & Professional Cool Dude
  • Mike Axisa --  of River Avenue Blues, MLB Trade Rumors & Not Graphs, and Future President of the United States of America

Podcast Also Features:

-Vernon Wells trade discussion
-Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez signings
-Billy Butler Extension
-Cold weather talk
-The usuals



We are unable to host the podcast on BtB, but 612 Sports' Dez Tobin was kind enough to host it for us. It will be on 612 Sports everytime we have a new podcast. However, we will provide you with a link to the podcast whenever we have a new episode. Until Episode 5, we will not have our podcasts on iTunes, but until then, you can download them to your iPod or your computer from 612.

If you would like your questions answered, we encourage you to send them to the BtB Mailbag (

If you have a suggestion (or whatever), you can contact me here

And with that, we bring you Episode 2 of the BtB Podcast!

(click to see the podcast link)



Note: Here's another random short story based on the Podcast adventures of Matt, Dave, and others.

Twas a cold night in the middle of Peru. Phillip and Yuni (the two brothers) were hiking along the coast and in the corner of their eye, they spotted an astronaut texting. "What is that?" Phillip asked. Yuni walked over to the astronaut and there was a problem. The astronaut had a fly in his helmet. He was texting AAA, not AA (Alex Anthropolous), in need for some assistance. Little did he know that AAA was auto help. So Yuni and Phillip decided to lend a hand to the Astronaut. They quickly yanked the helmet off of the astronaut. Once it was off, the fly buzzed away. The phone accidentally fell out of the astronaut's hand though. So, as they tried to retrieve it, it became a lost cause due to the massive bumpiness of the crater. Nevertheless, Yuni tried to identify the astronaut. As he kept thinking and thinking of who it was, he finally came to a conclusion and figured it out. It was Humberto Quintero! An Astro!