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The M's DH

A few days ago, Jeff Sullivan estimated the Mariners offense would be ~30 runs below average with an average hitting DH, and some conservative estimations elsewhere. Ken Rosenthal has seen this "average DH" and raised Sullivan a Bobby least if the price is right.

It makes sense. Abreu is a poor outfielder but over the last three years has averaged roughly 25 offensive runs per season. Knock a few off due to aging and weigh the more recent years heavier and you'll end up around 20. If the Mariners never let Abreu touch the grass this year, they could be looking at something like a 2-2.5 win player. That's worth around 9 million, if the M's can get him for less, and on a short-term deal (or better yet, a one year deal) they begin to get awfully close to a team with ~80-85 win talent. 

It seems odd, but if things break the right way, Seattle very well could find itself in the AL West race.

Note: Naturally they sign Mike Sweeney as I'm writing this.