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Apparently Billy Beane's **** Works on the Phones

Who saw this one coming? The Sox make another trade for an on-base conscious outfielder to join Carlos Quentin, and Beane continues to rebuild the A's by poaching three of the White Sox top 10 prospects, including the top two.

Let's start with the A's bounty: Gio Gonzalez, Fautino De Los Santos, and Ryan Sweeney. Gonzalez is a 22 year old lefty who strikes out most of the world and should start in AAA, he was traded from Chicago to the Phillies and back again last year. Speaking of striking out the world, De Los Santos must strike out the universe if Gio strikes out the world, he's got a huge roof on his potential, and frankly those two alone make this deal seemingly favor the A's, at least after this year, but they also get Sweeney who may find a home in the A's outfield if Mark Kotsay is dealt.

For the Sox, they do indeed get a more walk promiscuous slugger, but you have to wonder if they overpaid for him. Swisher had a .381 on-base percentage last year and as of now is pegged as the starter in centerfield for the White Sox which should concern fans of good centerfield defense. He's 27 and signed through 2011 with a 2012 club option at an affordable rate, essentially the Sox will get the rest of his prime years.

Swisher will certainly help the offense that ranked near the bottom in runs scored and dead last in on-base percentage, but Kenny Williams essentially just emptied his farm system for a short sighted upgrade. The A's won't be contending for a playoff spot anytime soon, and neither will the White Sox, the difference is the A's future looks a whole lot brighter than the south side crew despite what should be a short term win and upgrade.

So a note to Kenny Williams; I'm glad to see you're learning that you do need players who get on base to win games, but gearing up for another run with your current core isn't a good idea, sitting on the young arms and hoping a few work out while you move out the old, ineffective parts probably would've been smarter if not quicker.