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Friday Link Roundup

Keith Law heaps praises on the Yankees farm system in ESPN's ongoing Hot Stove Heaters series.

BP's Kevin Goldstein breaks out the Twins top 10 Prospects List. Spoiler alert: He L-O-V-E-S loves Matt Garza.

Goldstein's also chatting about prospects as I write this.

New Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez might miss the start of spring training because of...wait for it...jury duty.

If you're interested in NCAA baseball, Baseball America has started a new college baseball blog.

They also have a new AskBA up. I'm a Jim Callis fan.

Bryan Smith returned to Baseball Analysts to answer some email on his top prospects list.

Update [2007-1-26 16:42:53 by Jeff Sackmann]: Hey, I was about to post some stuff, too!

First, my Hardball Times article about how we really ought to be ranking prospects.

John Brattain continues his look at average performers, this time the pitchers.

Tango has written a new article about runs produced.

Tom Goyne takes a look at Wes Helms, and whether Wes's mid-career emergence is legit.