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MLB Playoffs

Where we went wrong with our World Series predictions

Our staff got it wrong, but probably, so did you.

Atlanta will definitely win the World Series

They’ve already spoiled two much better teams. Why not a third?

The Dodgers hurtle toward less certainty

The Dodgers are still probably World Series favorites in 2022. Probably.

Will the Giants be back?

The Giants shocked everyone in 2021. Can they do it again?

Morning Mound Visit: Giants host Dodgers for decisive Game 5

Your butts. Hold onto them.

The Brewers probably should have scored more runs

Six runs over four games somehow wasn’t enough.

The Rays’ future is bright, but it could be brighter

The Rays were the best team in the AL. They could have been the best team in the majors with just a little bit of money.

Morning Mound Visit: NLDS Previews

The Giants and Dodgers begin a battle for the ages. Also, the Brewers play Atlanta.

Morning Mound Visit: ALDS Previews

Will we have an all Sox ALCS? Half Sox? No Sox?

Chris Taylor hits walk-off homer to carry Dodgers to the NLDS

The 106-win Dodgers will play the 107-win Giants in the NLDS.

Morning Mound Visit: NL Wild Card Preview

The Cardinals don’t stand a chance, but really, neither do the Dodgers.

Red Sox sink Yankees, 6-2

Nathan Eovaldi was sharp, Gerrit Cole lasted two innings, and Aaron Boone managed like it was late-May.

Morning Mound Visit: AL Wild Card Preview

We wanted chaos and instead got ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

The Rays need a reignited Brandon Lowe

Lowe was the Rays’ best hitter this year. After slumping to start the postseason, he finally played like it in Game 2.

Why the Dodgers will win the World Series

The Rays are a great team. The Dodgers are better.

What’s up with these long outs at Globe Life Field?

It seems like so many crushed baseballs are falling short of leaving the yard.

The Dodgers’ path to the title is clear

There’s a good chance Los Angeles will take home the World Series trophy in the next couple of weeks.

Postseason debuts side-effect of 2020 roster churn, off-day-less October

While it is remarkable to make your big league debut in the postseason, it is also important to consider why it was necessary.

Houston is a problem

The 2020 Houston Astros aren’t the same club that cheated in 2017-2019, but that doesn’t mean them winning this season is easy to swallow.

Giancarlo Stanton is crushing October

When it matters most Giancarlo Stanton has produced just like the MVP the Yankees brought on board a few years back. He’s a dominant World Series performance away from being Mr. October 2.0.

The Padres’ season depends on Pierce Johnson

And the rest of the bullpen. And the offense. And Fernando Tatís Jr. mostly. But hey, Johnson might throw important innings!

Clayton Kershaw had the best postseason start of his career

On Thursday, there was no sign of the longstanding narrative.

The Minnesota Twins, Lew Ford, and playoff losses

The Minnesota Twins keep losing playoff games. A lot has changed since they last won in 2004, and Twins fans could stand to learn a thing or two from the only player on that team still playing baseball, Lew Ford.

No, quality of opponent is not why Shane Bieber faltered

Bieber didn’t implode because he hadn’t faced as good of a team as the Yankees.

The Nationals won the World Series because...

A championship is made of several little moments.

José Urquidy gave the Astros a key Game 4 win

Urquidy had a memorable night in a must-win game for the Astros.

How Aníbal Sánchez can hold off the Astros

There are some favorable match-ups for the veteran starter.

The Nationals’ bullpen will make or break the World Series

The Nats are going to ride their starters as much as possible, but their bullpen will have to pick up innings at some point.

The World Series’ focus will be on controversy instead of baseball

The start of the Fall Classic begins amid controversy as an Astros AGM is under fire.

Remember the 2019 Yankees for their glory, not their demise

What a season it was!

Despite heartbreaking playoff exit, the Dodgers window is still wide open

That playoff loss is going to sting for awhile, but this should still be the team to beat in the NL next season.

Gleyber Torres has become a truly special player

Zack Greinke is not, shockingly, a member of the Baltimore Orioles.


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