The Similarities Between Tennis And Baseball

When looking at tennis and baseball, many individuals will see them as completely separate sports with no similarities. While the pitch sizes might be different, the ball material might be almost opposite and the concept of the game (one being a team game, the other solo except for doubles), there are a number of similarities that can be drawn between the two. The Midnite team have taken a look at some of the top similarities.

Serving And Pitching

The serving and pitching motions between tennis and baseball hold some similarities in their mechanics. Both pitchers and servers have to stand in a specific spot in order to complete their movement in the game, and as a result offer several similarities in the sport. The motion in which a serve in a game of tennis occurs in similar to the throwing motion of a pitch. Both aim for power, accuracy and in some cases spin in order to catch out their opponents. However, the racket and the bat are different in terms of shape, material and weight which has an impact on how the game is played.

The Ball Size

The ball size between a tennis ball and a baseball are incredibly similar from a first glass, as well as the shape of each of the balls. Nevertheless, the weight and material of the balls in each game are vastly different. In addition, under the official walls, while the balls may look a similar size there is a slight difference in their diameter and circumferences. The diameter of the official baseball is between 2.85 and 2.95 inches. Tennis balls diameter is between 2.57 and 2.70 inches.

Strategic Use Of Statistics

The growth in technology has been a major factor in the use of statistics and data in all sports, in particular in tennis and baseball. Not only do statistics help to define and progress the sport, with access to more and more information such as the speed of throws / serves, hits, accuracy on outs and more, but they also help to better track the sports for the long run. These statistics also help with tournament and game forecasts, helping betting companies to select the most competitive odds based on the predicted player or team performances. In tennis, the statistics even stretch as far as a developing an interactive serve tracker, helping fans and other players to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents serves and returns based on who they played against, what year, the surface of the court and more.

International Appeal

Ultimately, the biggest similarity is the international appeal of both sports. While baseball is deemed to be primarily a US sport due to its huge fan base in the country, there are a vast range of other countries that also enjoy playing. Countries like the Dominican Republic, Canada, Puerto Rico and Cuba all enjoy the support. The MLB is also looking to extend this popularity further afield, with world tours including the Korea Series exhibition games in 2022, and the MLB Japan All Star Series which has been taking place every few years since 1986 (with the last trip being 2018 pre-pandemic). Tennis has a large popularity, and when looking at the online searches for the term, the following countries are deemed to be most interested in the sport: Australia, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Singapore, United States, Philippines and Italy.

As you can see, there are a vast number of similarities between the two popular sports and as the international appeal of baseball continues to grow, we expect to see further engagement in both over the coming years.

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