When expectations aren’t low enough Fans


This is the principal in a September series featuring probably the best Black journalists and creatives around baseball. First up is author and podcaster Ursula Parson. I was three when Rodney King was seriously beaten by LAPD officials. I was ten when Abner Louima was beaten and sodomized by NYPD officials. I was 11 when Amadou Diallo was gunned down in a whirlwind of 41 shots by NYPD officials before his high rise. On August 23, Jacob Blake was gunned down and debilitated by Kenosha PD officials before his kids. In my whole 33 years of life as a Black individual in the United States, I have in no way ever seen the police as a positive or defensive element inside society, nor have I at any point confided in them. Indeed, even as a kid, I saw them as crude numbskulls, best case scenario. Now that I can shape more nuanced conclusions, I realize that they're individuals from fear monger state armies intended to take care of Black people and mistreat us for the sake of entertainment.

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