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Morning Mound Visit: MLB’s proposal for a lowered soft salary cap will go nowhere

The salary floor has a catch; Starling Marte’s patience; the NL Cy Young race

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Max Rieper | Royals Review: MLB leaked a proposal on Thursday that would see a salary floor of $100 million instituted. The catch is that the soft salary cap would be lowered to $180 million. On its face, it looks like a cash grab disguised as reconciliation, but digging deeper, well, it still looks like that.

Justin Choi | FanGraphs: Starling Marte is having a career year, and that might be the result of increased selection. Marte has decreased his swing rate, but pitchers are picking up on this newfound patience and offering him more strikes.

Michael Baumann | The Ringer: The NL Cy Young race is close and whether you favor Zack Wheeler, Corbin Burnes, or Walker Buehler depends on what methodology you use to evaluate pitchers.

Quick Hits

MacKenzie Gore saw game action for the first time in a month and struck out eight in 4 23 innings.

Adolis García robbed Jake Fraley of a homer.

The Angels erased an eight-run deficit to beat the Tigers 13-10.