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Morning Mound Visit: MLBPA rejects universal DH, expanded playoffs

Oh good, negotiations again; potential spring training delays; chances of Cooperstown

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

R.J. Anderson | CBS Sports: The MLBPA rejected a proposal that would have seen the universal designated hitter and expanded playoffs carry into 2021. Players would benefit if the National League were to adopt the DH, but those benefits are slight compared to what the league and owners would gain from expanding the playoffs once again. It’s still possible that one or both of these measures makes it into the season, but an agreement would have to be made before Opening Day. Otherwise, the season will be played under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Patrick Karraker | MLB Daily Dish: The Cactus League and local leaders have formally requested to delay the start of spring training due to Maricopa County’s high COVID-19 infection rate. This development, as well as the state of negotiations between the league and the union regarding rules, make it seem unlikely that the season will start on time.

Nathaniel Rakich | Five Thirty Eight: Voting results for the 2021 Hall of Fame class will be announced tonight at 6:00 pm EST. Currently, no player is sitting over the 75 percent threshold to gain entry into Cooperstown. Because ballots that aren’t revealed early tend to be more “small hall” it appears that no one is going to be enshrined this year.