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Morning Mound Visit: Yankees, Rays game turns ugly in ninth

After Aroldis Chapman nearly hit Mike Brosseau in the head, Rays manager Kevin Cash threatened retaliation.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tuesday night’s contest between the Yankees and Rays had an ugly ending. Protecting a two-run lead, Aroldis Chapman threw a 100 mph directly at Mike Brosseau’s head.

The context of the situation makes it seem like it wasn’t intentional, but his stare down after striking out Brosseau to end the game sent a different message. Chapman didn’t make himself available for comment after the game, and if his throw was intentional, that’s a ridiculously craven move. Throwing at batter is cowardly enough, but refusing to own up to it is on a whole ‘nother level.

Whether Chapman’s meant to throw at Brosseau’s head, Rays manager Kevin Cash’s comments after the game were utterly irresponsible. Cash said, “I have a whole stable of guys who can throw 98,” clearly threatening retaliation.

Obviously, MLB needs to step in before someone gets hurt. MLB should investigate whether Chapman was throwing at Brosseau intentionally and suspend him accordingly. MLB should investigate whether all pitches thrown near someone’s head were thrown with intent. Headhunting is a disgusting part of the game, and MLB can do better at more consistently and thoroughly stamping it out.

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