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Morning Mound Visit: Blue Jays get OK to train in Toronto

Toronto still needs permission for regular season; BIPOC players are less likely to receive minor league promotions; simulating a 60-game season with R

Boston Red Sox v. Toronto Blue Jays

Scott Mitchell | TSN: The Blue Jays have received permission from the Canadian government to move their summer camp training from Dunedin, FL to Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Blue Jays still need to get clearance to play regular season games in Toronto because visiting teams would violate Canada’s 14-day quarantine period for travelers entering the country. The team is exploring alternatives to playing regular season games in Dunedin if they don’t get approval to play at their home stadium.

Rob Arthur | Baseball Prospectus $: In a study of old Reds scouting reports, Ben Lindbergh and Rob Arthur found that scouts were more likely to ascribe negative descriptions to BIPOC players than white players. Arthur has also found that BIPOC are less likely to be promoted in the minors despite performing as well.

Jim Alpert | Exploring Baseball Data with R: I wanted to get a Learning R post up today before the holiday, but I ran into some issues when trying to calculate the run values of balls and strikes in each count. To make up for it, here’s how you can simulate a 60-game season from your very own R Studio.