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Morning Mound Visit: MiLB season canceled

Minor league season is officially canceled; Rob Manfred is losing ownership; Does bunting make sense in extra innings?

Trenton Thunder at Portland Sea Dogs AA baseball Staff photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

J.J. Cooper and Josh Norris | Baseball America: It was long expected that the minor league season would be canceled, but it wasn’t made official until yesterday. The cancellation of the season brings a lot of uncertainty both to teams and players. Contraction is all but a certainty, and many players don’t know when they’ll get to play next or when their $400 stipends will run out.

Marc Normandin | Baseball Prospectus $: It’s no secret that Rob Manfred is unpopular among baseball fans, but the commissioner is losing ownership, too. His predecessor, Bud Selig, built consensus among the owners in a way that Manfred simply hasn’t been able to do.

Tyler Kinzy | Viva El Birdos: Speaking of unpopular things, the runner on second to start extra innings rules is coming with the shortened season. This led Tyler Kinzy to wonder how much bunting in extras will affect win expectancy. Bunting is bad and wrong, but in situations where a team only needs one run to win maybe it has a place.