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Morning Mound Visit: MLB remains silent

While some teams speak up, the league stays quiet; a 50-game season would be a farce; negotiations continue slowly

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Black Lives Matter Green Monster Message Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Marc Carig | The Athletic: Nine days after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and MLB is the only one of the four major North American sports leagues to not issue a statement condemning this injustice or supporting the protests happening in all 50 states. Some teams have spoken up with varying degrees of commitment, but the central office has kept quiet. For a league that loves to trot out the memory of Jackie Robinson, it’s a disgraceful double standard.

Dan Szymborski | FanGraphs: MLB owners are reportedly mulling a 50-game season as a final offer but such a short season would hardly be worth watching. Dan Szymborski ran the ZiPS projections for an extremely truncated year and found it would be less effective at differentiating great teams from terrible teams than a 32-team tournament.

Ginny Searle | Baseball Prospectus $: We’re beyond the unofficial June 1 deadline for MLB and the MLBPA to strike a deal for the 2020 season. Thus far both sides are still testing the limits of how low or high they can go.