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Morning Mound Visit: Pirates could share PNC Park with Blue Jays

Blue Jays need a home; Box scores as learning tools; Another look at extra innings scoring

Cleveland Indians v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Minor Leaguer | Bluebird Banter: The Blue Jays won’t be able to play in Canada (because Canada is taking the pandemic seriously), so the team needs to find a new home in the next week. J.J. Cooper of Baseball America reported that the lighting of minor league stadiums isn’t up to major league standards, so playing in Buffalo is likely out. The Pirates are exploring sharing PNC Park for the season.

Daniel R. Epstein and Sydney Bergman | Baseball Prospectus: If you’re reading this website, chances are you’ve spent hundreds of hours poring over box scores in your lifetime. Box scores have immense narrative potential and they make for great learning tools because they force us to ask questions.

Morris Greenberg | Exploring Baseball Data with R: Previous articles exploring run scoring in extra innings with a runner starting at second base haven’t considered that pitchers who allow a runner to reach second without recording an out are generally worse and thus slightly inflate run expectancy. Morris Greenberg calculated scoring under the new extra innings rule while factoring in talent.