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Morning Mound Visit: MLBPA offers yet another counterproposal

MLBPA offers 89-game season; One more mock-draft; What each team stands to lose or gain playing to no fans

NCAA BASEBALL: JUN 01 Div 1 Championship Baton Rouge Regional - Arizona State v Stony Brook Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jeff Passan | ESPN: The MLBPA didn’t bite ownership’s 76-game, 75 percent pay season and has countered with yet another proposal. This iteration would see an 89-game season, full prorata, and expanded playoffs. Early returns suggest we’re getting another round of proposal/counterproposal before anything worthwhile happens.

Joe E. Doyle | Lookout Landing: Hey, the draft is today, which means we get actual baseball news for once. Joe E. Doyle has an excellent mock draft up at Lookout Landing to get you primed for this brief respite of baseball happenings.

Craig Edwards | FanGraphs: Something that slowed negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA is that ownership hasn’t opened their books. Providing proof of their claim that they would lose more money playing to empty stadiums than not playing at all would sure speed things up. Thankfully, Craig Edwards estimated the losses and gains of each team, and sure enough, things look pretty grim for the owners. If you don’t include national TV money or postseason revenue that is.