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Morning Mound Visit: MLB’s financial report requires more context

Two close looks at MLB’s financial report and a look at where the negotiations stand.

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MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Craig Edwards | FanGraphs: Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported that MLB stands to lose $640,000 per game played without fans. Overall, that adds up to $4 billion. That number doesn’t include $1.35 billion coming from MLB’s central revenues, and Craig Edwards found that’s not the only area where the report isn’t entirely forthcoming.

Rob Mains | Baseball Prospectus: At Baseball Prospectus, Rob Mains also took a closer look at the financial report and came to a similar conclusion. MLB won’t lose as much money as they say they will, and to misrepresent the situation in negotiations is unacceptable.

Evan Drellich and Ken Rosenthal | The Athletic $: Time is running out if MLB and the MLBPA want to get the season started in July, and negotiations are still at an impasse. Neither side has to give in. The players don’t need to (and shouldn’t!) accept an additional pay cut, and the owners insist they’ll lose more money playing to an empty stadium than not playing at all.